Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

With billions of worldwide users, social media has become a crucial part of marketing any business, regardless of its size or industry. Grabbing the attention of today’s tech-savvy consumers through effective digital marketing is a great tool for businesses to achieve growth at a low cost.

However, social media management and content creation require some fine-tuning. Knowing where to begin and how to sustain it is quite a skill but fret not—all you need is smart thinking.

Smart ways to use social media to grow your business

There is no substitute for working hard although working smart can make sure that all your hard work pays. Here are some ways to leverage social media to gain the most for your business.

  1. Drive traffic with strong profiles and visual marketing

Your business gains from organically generated traffic from visits to your social media profiles. Many visitors take this route to reach your website improving both social media page ranking and search engine ranking of your pages. Remember that visually appealing content is necessary to capture attention. Use graphics to enhance brand appeal.

  1. Improve leads with customised content

Social media allows advanced targeting and to generate high quality leads through them, you need content that stands out. Your content will let your customers know you and trust you. Promote all your content whether photos, videos, live-streams or text-only posts as relevant and compatible to your followers. Initiate engagement and sales will follow.

  1. Invest in paid ads to reap sure benefits

Adverts or sponsored messages on different social media platforms can attract a diverse group of customers with different messages. For instance, a reputed Facebook ads agency will create ads to target your audience based on their click and search behaviour. Investing in paid ads is smarter because it gives you higher ROI as you focus on key demographics and be more specific with your marketing.

  1. Retarget campaigns can revive cold leads

More than 90% customers do not make a purchase on their first website visit and the sheer competition and distraction out there often stops further engagement. Don’t let go of these leads and nurture them through targeted ads, giveaway and contest incentives. All leads have the potential to convert, all it needs is a smart nudge. 

  1. Build up your brand and authority

Social media is a great platform for your business to attract a following. Being authentic and posting unique original content can attract visitors. Your business can become an authority in your niche, driving brand recognition. Interact and build relationships rather than pitching sales always. 

  1. Network with influencers

If there are small businesses, then there are micro-and nano-influencers as well with dedicated followers who can be effective in growing your business. Influencers have a higher conversion rate and higher returns on ads too. Social media partnering with influencers can make a big difference in business growth. 

The opportunity of driving direct sales through the social platform, building brand awareness, and developing customer relationships—social media does it all. If you want to steer it right, partner with an agency that will successfully grow your business with smart social media skills.


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