Our Team

Vinh Van Lam

Vinh Van Lam is a principal partner and cofounder of ArtSHINE – a specialist mentoring and business coaching program developed by the Quantum Compass partnership for artists, artisans, designers, crafters and all professionals working in the creative & arts industries.

Vinh is an entrepreneur, company director, and business advisor with direct, real world experience and a practical hands on approach to running multiple business enterprises together with over 20 years experience and networks across retail, fashion & design, tourism & hospitality, manufacturing, and financial services.

Vinh has worked with companies such as Grace Bros, BankWest and St.George Bank.

Vinh is actively engaged in the design community and is a Director of Chris Chun Design and a Partner at AVL Designs.

Vinh is the Managing Director of Quantum Compass Pty Ltd. Vinh is also a Director of City West Financial Services Limited (Bendigo Bank Pyrmont, NSW).

Stuart Horrex

Stuart Horrex works to create enterprises that sustain.

Sustain socially… Sustain environmentally… Sustain financially.

As a manager at the Eastern Suburbs Business Enterprise Centre Stuart provided mentoring, business advisory, accredited training, and networking opportunities to both new-start and established small business owners, and Stuart has mentored 100s of new start entrepreneurs via the Australian Federal Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

Stuart now also coaches and mentors Social Entrepreneurs, most recently with the SSE & BT Social Entrepreneur Incubator program organised by the School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia.

As an ex bank manager currently working in financial services as a Learning & Development Facilitator across the nation with one of the world’s leading financial institutions, Stuart has a deep personal interest in coworking & collaborative communities, small business, social enterprise and innovation, 1st world micro-finance, P2P lending & lending circles, crowd funding, and impact investing.

Founded by Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex, Quantum Compass has been operating as a Sydney based boutique coaching practice that assists business owners and social entrepreneurs as well as providing business advisory, mentoring, and coaching to new start enterprises for over a decade.