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Quantum Compass is a boutique coaching practice based in Sydney, Australia. We’re passionate about small enterprise. That means that as a group we focus our practice on working with small enterprise owners and operator to create a complete Business LifeStyle for our clients.

Quantum Compass provides business coaching, mentoring, business advisory, and new enterprise facilitation. Our coach partners and associate catalysts have decades of hands on, real world experience to share. We work exclusively with a select group of clients. Small business operators, and LifeStyle Business owners like you… People who want, indeed need, to take their business to the next level.

Because we know what it’s like to be working in your business, rather than having the business work for you. And now that you’ve really decided to create a change in your life and in your businesses… We’ve decided to walk alongside you and commit to giving you everything that we’ve got.

You’re ready to get off the tread-mill now…

You’re wanting to create something more than just a ‘job’…

You’re ready to earn so much more than a basic income that simply sustains…

Call us now for your free Catalyst Consultation…

It’s your no obligation coaching session where you’ll discover key secrets for lifestyle business success

We’re looking forward to working with you.


Call Quantum Compass Coaching now :-

    Vinh :- 61 (0)410 636 138
 E-mail :- vinh@quantumcompass.com.au

Stuart  :- 61 (0)424 136 138
E-mail :- stuart@quantumcompass.com.au

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