Paul Sera’s Radial Life – Automotive Clothing, Car Lifestyle and Drag Racing

Started with the mission of bringing massive Performance car events and car shows to Australia, Radial Life is a brainchild of an ultimate motor-enthusiast, Paul Sera.

Paul’s love for cars has been there since the beginning of time.

Growing up in a family where his brother and father used to talk about cars and drive them for fun and sport, Paul had the opportunity to learn more about things on wheels.

In his early years, he and his family would go to the Go-karting track to drive, race and have a great time. This helped Paul meet and learn from several present-day racing stars. In this article, we take a look at Radial Life, its different products, ideas and the man & mind behind them.

What’s Out For Buying?

Paul Sera’s Radial Life primarily began as an automotive clothing brand offering its customers and prospects premium quality automotive lifestyle apparel merchandise. From attractive hoodies to drag-life jackets, t-shirts and footwear, here you can find it all. Since then the brand has added a comfortable and durable range of activewear which has taken the market by storm. This range of activewear competes with the same quality as the leading brands. 

For a clearer perspective of what’s being sold, here are the product categories as found on the website:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Headwear
  • Accessories
  • Face Masks
  • Stickers
  • Activewear

Based on what you are looking for, you can check out the store and easily add the items of your choice to the cart or buy them straight away.

To explore products that are being sold for a comparatively lower price, check out the Sale Items section. 

Sneak-peek into the Sale Items section

Here’s the link to Radial Life’s website.

In addition to these products, Radial Life consistently updates the store with a new attractive range of products. So, keep an eye out for them.

What More Does Radial Life Do?

So, Radial Life is an automotive clothing brand offering premium apparel to customers, right? Yes! But there’s more.

Apart from the apparel business, Radial Life comprises a team of motorheads and supercar enthusiasts who are always on their toes to make it big in the Australian drag-racing circuit. One primary goal of Radial Life is to step-up the quality of drag racing, supercar events, car shows and other wheel and engine events in Australia.

On 1st December 2018 and 22nd February 2020, Radial Life hosted two super thrilling heads-up elimination drag racing event named No Excuses. And both the events became popular with the audience and other motorheads countrywide.

Here are a few details about both the events.

No Excuses 1

Held at the Ballarat Airport on 1st December 2018, No Excuses 1 would draw participants and spectators in huge numbers. Supercar enthusiasts from different parts of Australia came over to test their rides.

The races took place under different classes based on the following tyre sizes:

  • R235 (For cars running up to a 235 Radial)
  • R275 (For cars running up to a 275 Radial)
  • R325 (For cars running up to a 325 Radial)

Here’s the event recap video to give you a glimpse of the thrill:


No Excuses 2

This was another stunner of an event hosted by Radial Life earlier this year. Vehicles were categorised into the following classes based on tyre sizes:

  • R235 (For cars running up to a 235 Radial)
  • R275 (For cars running up to a 275 Radial)
  • R325 (For cars running up to a 325 Radial)

Here’s the event recap video:


About Paul Sera: The Man and Mind Behind Radial Life

Paul Sera is a self-motivated Australian entrepreneur who believes in making the most out of every day and living a life with passion.

Radial Life is his other business apart from NextGen Digital, which is an IT company offering all types of digital marketing and IT support services to companies across all industries.

To know more about Radial Life, NextGen Digital or Paul Sera, check out his blog and vlogs where he talks about his journey, motivation and entrepreneurship in general.

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