New Glasses: How to See (and Think) More Clearly

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I have to admit,  I am the real guilty one. I need to wear glasses to read, and doing work on my laptop. But I refused to wear it but thing changed recently,  I decided to wear it and don’t you find you think more clearly when you can see more clearly? 

Suppose you’re one of 68% of people in the UK or potentially billions worldwide. In that case, you know that feeling when your eyewear prescription just isn’t working as well as it used to. The world isn’t as crisp as it was, or you have to move further and further away from the small print to focus on it. It’s time for new glasses or contacts!  

It might sound obvious, but glasses or contacts are fundamental to how we see the world for those of us with impaired vision. Simply putting on your lenses brings such a sudden and dramatic sharpening of focus! You can even use that feeling as an excellent analogy for the sudden understanding that can come from really examining an issue or idea — the kind of clarity that Vision Magazine aims to bring to our thinking.  

There has never been a better time to shop for new glasses. Online shopping is revolutionizing how we pick our frames and order our lenses. Some stores even offer excellent customer service with your online experience. 

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So, is it time to have that magical experience of putting on a brand new pair of lenses? These things may be clues.

You’re Getting Headaches

The wrong prescription, even if it is just a little bit off, can cause eyestrain. And eyestrain can cause headaches. Even if you don’t have any doubled or blurred vision, it may be time for an update. If you find yourself getting out the Advil or Tylenol more frequently, it’s time to get your eyes checked. Optometrists recommend getting an eye exam once a year to make sure of your prescription and to make sure your eyes are healthy and well.  

Wear and Tear

We all try to care for our lenses, but over time, scratches and smudges accumulate. Some of the special coatings on your lenses may even break down over time, making it hard to get your glasses clean, no matter how you polish. You might not notice the permanent marks on your lenses, but they do impact your vision. Consider, too, that scratches and smudges are apparent to others, especially if you have some types of coatings on your lenses. Smudgy glasses are not a good look. It’s probably time to invest in new specs. 

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You Feel Dated

Your glasses are like an accessory that you put on every single day. It’s important to feel good about them. If you feel like your frames are no longer saying the right things about you, your confidence will suffer, and you won’t be making the right first impression. Think about new glasses when you make changes in your life, like a new job, or anytime you want to update your look and feel smart.  

Your vision is essential. Getting those new specs and suddenly seeing clearly might even help you metaphorically see things clearly in your mind. What we see can definitely shape the way we think. Given everything that’s happening these days, thinking clearly has never been more critical. If you wear glasses and haven’t explored all the exciting new options out there for ordering new ones, it’s definitely time to check it out!

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