5 Top Tips to Getting Your Business Off the Ground (Cheaply and Quickly)

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So you have had the million-dollar idea you had been waiting for for years. Now, it is time to turn the concept that is still forming in your head into a real-like, fully-functioning, money-making business. But, how can you do so if your initial funds are limited? There are ways to get your young business off the grounds, cheaply, quickly, and with minimal effort. So, instead of getting lost in the pile of paperwork, you can continue to find new strategies to bring your brand forwards. Start by implementing the tips below!

Opt for a Remote Workforce

Undoubtedly, the current pandemic has sped up some trends and transformations that would have likely taken much longer to develop otherwise. Among these, remote working is one of the most prominent ones. And, the benefits of this business model go beyond staff motivation and engagement! 

It allows you to reduce the cost of extensive office spaces and gives you the chance to pick the best staff members across a worldwide talent pool. Indeed, you won’t have to worry as much about finding staff that can reach the office with just a short commute. This choice allows you to cut down on staffing costs while ensuring that you can secure the best employees for your business goals. 

If you have opted for this alternative, ensure that you are investing the right funds into communication platforms, remote team management systems, and cybersecurity strategies that allow each of your employees to work productively and safely. 

Use Digital Marketing

Marketing is the primary tool all businesses need to use to improve their image, increase their reach, and gain a larger share of the market. However, marketing might also represent one of the most substantial costs for any startup. 

An alternative that is valid, highly convenient, and more affordable is digital marketing. Digital marketing has changed the way businesses and companies present themselves to the market. 

This tool has allowed them to craft targeted campaigns that arrive in front of the eyes of the clients they wish to win over. Additionally, digital marketing is a much more powerful tool than the marketing strategies used before it. So, it is recommendable for small businesses to invest in this aspect! 

Opt for an Alternative to Conventional Offices

Conventional offices have always been great places for teams to come together and bring another project to life. And, as open-space offices became more common, this environment has become particularly fruitful for teams and companies. However, the current pandemic has changed several aspects of our lives, including the way we conduct our business. And, since today it would not be safe to ask many of your employees to stay in the same room for longer time frames, it has become paramount to find alternative ways for your team to exploit their creativity. 


These options include co-working spaces and serviced offices. Indeed, serviced offices make sense, especially in such a fast-changing economic environment. This allows your team to have a private, safe, and highly technologic space where they can think about new plans and ideas, in all comfort. 


Indeed, conventional office spaces might require you to invest large sums of money and can take much longer to be up and running. Serviced offices, instead, are ready to welcome your teams!

Launch A Greener Business

Making your business greener and more sustainable is not only good for the planet. Indeed, this choice can have several benefits, such as enhanced employee wellbeing and motivation, healthier working environments, and lower running costs. 


Going greener might mean that all of your documents and files are saved on a cloud, and your business is entirely paperless. This allows you to increase the overall level of security while ensuring that you can cut down on paper and storage space. Also, if you have invested in systems that can help you better control the wastage produced by your company and the resources used, you can save much more on energy and monthly bills. 

Outsource Expertise When You Can

Of course, counting on a trustworthy in-house team is what a business needs to thrive. However, innovations and technologies are developing and changing at a swift pace, and the professionals you have employed might not be able to keep up with daily tasks and self-development at all times. 

So, if you are investing in a new project or launching a new aspect of your business, outsourcing the expertise of a knowledgeable professional can be convenient and extremely beneficial

Bottom Line

Launching a business is challenging and, without the right strategies, can be extremely expensive. Indeed, the overhead costs of startups have never been so high! Yet, it is easy to lower this cost by considering alternative solutions. Serviced offices, a remote workforce, and going greener are all strategies you should introduce today!

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