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There is no product or item better than a fashioned glass to elevate your look. It matters a lot, especially when you do not have any other choice, and you have to take your glasses with you to get a clear vision. Glasses sometimes become a need, and you need to choose an appropriate glass frame that makes you star with your outfits. How? To achieve this, find some of the trends of the latest models of glass frames at Macquarie centre optometrist that are going to be a continued in 2020 and best fits you. Believe it, and you will also enhance your optical review this year. It would be best if you stay updated on what has become a trend.

Frames distinct your look

The glasses frame has become an indispensable complement, which gives personality and distinction to your look. If you are thinking of changing yours, you will want to know what the trends are during 2020. In this article, we present the most mainstream styles with which you will be sure for the combined frames, the transparent ones, the retro ones, and the colored ones.

In glasses, it happens the same as in fashion. The trend is returning to neutral and organic tones. Beige, nude, pink, and transparent colors are very minimalist. These colors frame the face without stealing the prominence and put a lovely note on your face. It is the delicacy made glasses, perfect for long-lasting use.

Glasses trend

If the earrings and gold rings are the obsession of street style, why not the glasses with gold frames? It is a very sophisticated and different way to include that touch of brightness in your look. With an elegant and minimalist design, they are one of the trends among the most 2020 prescribed glasses.

Hawksbill frames

Following the same minimalist line that we had been discussing, the hawksbill frames are the design of the season. A good design with a frame in this model is timeless and creates a look of a working girl. Besides, its warm tones give more light to the face; it is an advantage!

Cat-eye designs

Cat-eye designs have always had a very sexy touch of femme fatale. In 2020, they promise to succeed more than ever – with the sharpest, pointed and marked ends. They are glasses with a lot of characteristics that build grace to the personality. They will intensify your look to the fullest.

Aviator style

The aviator frame style has returned stomping, finally leaving it to be the hallmark of the damn photographer Terry Richardson. Their mounts come in a wonderful golden line, playing with that masculine and tomboy touch that contributes to any style.

Round and gigantic glasses

If we want to travel back in time at the stroke of eyewear, this year will be one of the most hyperbolic glass trends of 2020. Round and gigantic glasses are the fashion of this year. It is clear that the great Iris Apfel wore a visionary glass, but they have everything: color, personality, and that sweet personality.

Hippie style – ethnic

This year again, a trend of aviator sunglasses is evolving around the globe. Apart from being light, they are exquisite and will not overload your look, as can happen with a round frame.

Rock style

The rock style is a classic way of fashion. It is comfortable and never goes out of style. This style is revolved around year after year, and nothing is better to help you than the rock style.

Even though you use the popular style for this look, you can also find a guide to select glasses for your stylish look. Aviator glasses are a guarantee of success with a leather jacket and a white T-shirt. It does not matter whether the frames are more classic or modern design; these are considered to be an evergreen frame style.

Athlete Style

When you exercise, what you look for is comfort and ergonomics. Therefore, light sunglasses may suit you perfectly, regardless of the features of your face. When it comes to the athletic styling, you will opt for the newest models, with colorful tones, mirror crystals, and light paste frames.

Combined Mounts 

What makes you choose between metallic and pasta glasses if you can have both? Combining different materials is a trend of 2020. In this way, a universal mount is achieved, which brings together the virtues of each article.

The double bridge style is reinvented by joining different materials in the same glass, such as metal and acetate. For classic style lovers, this type of frame provides a distinguished and glamorous look. An example is the “Clovis” glasses, and they are the combination of the metal bridge and the plate. They bring a fashionable touch to your look.

Transparent frames 

Transparent frames are innovative, striking, and gentle. 2020 is the year of transparent frames. This type of glasses provides a fresh, authentic, and very comfortable style. A good example of a transparent frame is the “Oliver” sunglasses. It comes with a transparent panel with pearly colors this year. They are ideal if you are looking for a sober and modern look.

In contrast, the “Light Tonic” model is completely transparent. You can use it with any dress. This model cannot go unnoticed at any time. Wearing this is a subtle way of covering your eyes.

Retro frames 

The retro-style continues and will continue in the future as well as the latest mark of fashion. These frames remind the 70s feeling. Moreover, nothing is better than vintage glasses to give your look that spirit. One of the favorite models of the retro current is the oversized crystals in the form of a “cat-eye”, as in the case of the “Betty” model.

Of course, we do not forget another style of the classic retro frame – the iconic “pilot” style model. The model has soft curves; the “Mahe” glass is a great example.

Colored frames 

For the boldest and original styles, colorful frames are the best choice. The colors give a funny and unusual touch to any style you choose. With the striking pink, you can stand out in any situation.

To protect yourself from the sun, you cannot find anything better than the “Beverly” and its degraded lenses in 3 colors.


We hope that we have helped you a little to maintain your style with a suitable style of frames and glasses. Since on the face, simple and light designs, maximalist and very leading trends always overwhelm the look. This year it is the turn of the glasses with frames of saturated colors; Blues, greens, reds, and yellows frame.

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