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ArtShine Showcase

The ArtSHINE Showcase provides short-term retail micro-display spaces for Artists, Artisans, Designers, and Crafters.

The ArtSHINE Showcase is ideal for artisans and makers: Jewelry, cards, clothes, bags, and other small craft or fashion items. Trial your products without the major ongoing cost of renting expensive retail premises.

We know creative Artists, Artisans, Designers, and Crafters are nervous and reticent about ‘selling’, are hesitant ‘chasing’ customers, and constantly struggle to think up new and innovative ways to get products out there.

Based on our experiences at ArtSHINE, the biggest challenge for a new player in the market is to find their ideal clients, and to find a place to sell and promote their products. Many Artists, Artisans, Designers, and Crafters find it extremely difficult to approach and convince retailers and wholesalers to carry their creations.

The ArtSHINE Showcase solves these problems for you as we have already solved them for many other arts-based professionals. Working together with the ArtSHINE team means you can focus on your art and craft, while we work with you to take the hassle out of selling. Together we find and connect you with your ideal clients; be they consumer, retail or wholesale.

Selecting an ArtSHINE Showcase package enables you to promote your products through the ArtSHINE Gallery and to ‘road test’ and trial products before sinking your hard-earned savings into taking your product to a more commercial level.

“It’s like your own retail showroom without the high cost and burden of setting up a shop front” says ArtSHINE cofounder Vinh Van Lam. “With our passion for supporting independent artists, we can help you take care of the rest.”

The ArtSHINE Showcase also enables you to meet face to face with your customers in a professional setting. Including preferred access and discount rates for meeting and event spaces at CoSydney CoWorking + Project Space where the ArtSHINE Gallery is housed, your customers, and potential customers, can visit your ‘showroom’ and discover you as the artist and designer behind the product.

The ArtSHINE Showcase:

ArtSHINE Showcase Membership: $150 (one time fee)

  • Listing on the ArtSHINE Showcase website.
  • Listing on the ArtSHINE Showcase Directory.
  • Regular VIP invitations to ArtSHINE Meetups and ArtSHINE Gallery events.
  • Quarterly ArtSHNE Showcase ‘Insights’ e-mail.
  • Trial membership of CoSydney CoWorking + Project Space.

ArtSHINE Showcase Micro-Display Spaces:

  • From $25 to $125 per month Please see T & Cs for sizing and pricing details.

ArtSHINE Showcase – Business LifeStyle Coaching Packages: (optional additions)

  • Product Development & Market Exploration Coaching for Creatives ($499 per month for 6 months program)
  • Next level Product Development Coaching – Licensing & Residual Income ($699  per month  for 6 month program)

For more information & expressions of interest

please contact Vinh Van Lam or call 02 9698 9156

Spaces in the ArtSHINE Showcase program are strictly limited. ArtSHINE Showcase participants are selected by ArtSHINE based upon market readiness, and Desire, Passion, and Purpose. Preference will be given to past and present ArtSHINE Business LifeStyle Coaching clients. Please visit to find more about how ArtSHINE Business LifeStyle Coaching can change your approach to your Art & Design practice.
Vinh Van Lam
the authorVinh Van Lam
Vinh Van Lam, co-founder of ArtSHINE, is a visionary art coach and entrepreneur with a passion for fostering creativity. With a diverse background in art and business, he brings a unique perspective to empower emerging artists, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic art industry through the innovative platform of ArtSHINE.

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