Healthy Lifestyle Week 11:The Trilogy of Healthy Lifestyle Success

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WEEK 11: The trilogy of a successful Healthy Lifestyle

It has been a while from my last update as I have been busy preparing my move to London. A while back during my studies I was offered to work as a Personal Trainer on a luxury cruise. In order to work on the cruise ship I needed to get further training and qualify as a cruise personal trainer.  This training centre is where all the greatest trainers from all over the world would train, from different nations, ages and sports, and I am extremely proud to be one of them.  Although I am a qualified trainer, I still need constant training so we can share up to date knowledge with every client we’ll ever meet in future.

Now, I would like to share with you something that I have just learnt that will absolutely change your LIFE.

About 6 weeks ago (Week 6), I shared with you that to be healthy you needed to exercise. It is also beneficial for your cardiovascular (heart). With the combination of proper nutrition you will also be healthy and able to lose fat at the same time. So…what more can you do to be in greater health?


Detox, short for detoxification, is the body’s natural process of neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. There are many products on the market that would help you detox. However, I’d recommend that you consult with a dietician or a naturopath to help.

The Trilogy of Success

1. Exercise
2. Nutrition/Eating
3. Detoxification/ Cleansing on the inside from toxins

Currently one in four WILL die due to overuse of medication, one in three WILL die of Cancer and one in two of Heart Disease.

Imagine you haven’t been brushing your teeth for a week or even a month? Now imagine if we have the ability to turn ourselves inside out. Would your internal system look good? Where do these toxins come from?


If your body is acidic from toxins, then your health and your liver release hormone that is responsible for breaking down FAT is compromised.

Now, do you understand how toxins are affecting your health and your ability to lose weight/fat?

If you have a disease it’s because you ate it
L.T Jordan – Author, Detox for Life
Action Plan 
  • Choose organic food
  • Start a detox diet

Next weeks’ topic:

  • Detoxification part II
  • How to detox
  • Detox program
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Week  11: the trilogy of Healthy Lifestyle success
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