3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Marketing Strategy

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What is mobile marketing? 

It can be a confusing term as some believe it refers to marketing efforts that are mobile. On the contrary, it actually refers to marketing strategies and tactics that are delivered through mobile devices. This mainly includes smartphones, but it can also cover tablets and various other mobile devices. 

Why does your business need a mobile marketing strategy? After reading the three reasons below, you’ll soon realise this is the best decision your company has ever made…

Smartphones are everywhere

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone. Even the older generation uses them, so you can bet your target demographic spends hours a day glued to their phones. In fact, 65.6% of people will look at their phones up to 160 times per day! These devices have become an essential part of daily life, so you can’t afford to neglect them. 

Think about it, if you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy, you miss out on a massive portion of your target audience. Sure, people still use computers, but mobile devices are used far more often. 

You can get your business in the palm of people’s hands

Another key advantage of a mobile marketing strategy is that it delivers your business directly to your target audience. Specifically, you are in the palm of their hands – literally! If you look into something like app development, you can create a mobile app for people to download. From here, your business and your brand will always be with them. It even lets you do things like sending push notifications to help promote products, services, or deals. 

Not only that, but SMS marketing is also part of this category. It’s a way of promoting your business through mobile devices, which will also ensure you’re directly targeting the user. It is harder to ignore someone’s marketing materials when they are sent straight to your phone. If you create a good strategy, this can lead to amazing conversions. 

Mobile marketing is the future

Thirdly, you need a mobile marketing strategy because the future will revolve around it. Already, we’re seeing different tactics spring up that depend on mobile devices. SMS marketing is an example, as is a mobile app. But, you also have things like local SEO, which helps direct your audience to your business. Most people search for local places on their phones while they’re out and about. A good local SEO strategy will ensure they notice you and pay you a visit. 

Moreover, you have things like QR code marketing that encourage people to scan codes on their mobile devices to be taken to your site. There’s even augmented reality marketing on the horizon, which requires the use of smartphone cameras. If you get started with mobile marketing now, you will be ahead of the trend when it eventually becomes the most dominant marketing channel. Plus, you can make your business look forward-thinking and “cool” if you’re adopting some of the more advanced ideas right now. 
The bottom line is that mobile marketing is both the present and the future. It holds the key to attracting new customers and improving brand visibility. If you want to run a business in 2022 and beyond, you need to create a mobile strategy.

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