Finding Your Quirk, Your Signature Style

As coaches for artists and designers, we’ve found that many artists spend months or even years trying to find their signature style, which makes them stand out as artists. Some artists get stuck on it, and until they figure it out, it’s hard for them to move on.

The first mistake artists make is thinking that once they’ve found their own painting style, they should stick to it in similar mediums for the rest of their lives. For example, you are a still-life painter who uses watercolours. Or a flower painter who uses acrylics to stay true to that style. That doesn’t give me hope. It doesn’t make me want to know more, and it doesn’t make me want to make art. You don’t have to do that, though. As an artist, your style is more about having a theme that runs through all of your work.

Artists love to change, adapt, and try new things. They like the unpredictability of happy accidents and trying new things. This could be done by using unusual colour combinations, making marks in a different way, or approaching your subject and point of view in a different way. It’s possible that your process has a big impact on your style because it gets you results.

Your style is also affected by how you see the world as an artist and by what you’re really interested in. Artist A’s landscape will look different to Artist B’s landscape if Artist A is all about shapes and graphic forms and Artist B is all about energy and movement. Artist A’s work would be more blocky and graphic, while Artist B’s work would be very expressive.

They are still painting about the same thing, but because they each approach it from their own point of view, the art they make is very different. It doesn’t matter if you paint seascapes, people, or still life.

Don’t get stuck on the medium and the subject when thinking about style.


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