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Aside from making and selling your artistic endeavours, you might be interested in maximising how you can make the most from what you do. The last few years have seen an increase in the possibilities of sharing skills online – and teaching others to do what you do. 

Some people think that teaching large amounts of people skills will dilute the space and make it more difficult to sell. But in reality, it creates a group of people who are passionate and excited by the hobby – and all of whom will find their own style too. 

So how can you make the most of your skill and teach more people to make and do it?


Think about the type of people who would most likely be interested in learning from you. They will be interested in making and learning – but after that, who will you sell your time to? 

This is even more important if you want to have in-person events and include conference live streaming. Who is buying the tickets and what do they need from you? 


While you might have years of experience and be well versed in the theory and the practice for many different creative pursuits – it is important to narrow that down to single concepts. This way, you can teach one concept at a time and do it in-depth. Doing one concept at a time means your students will get real value for their money and get the information they can’t find online. 


Before you start lessons, if they are in person, you can consider putting together kits that are part of the entry cost- or a list of items they will need. When people arrive knowing that they will be able to walk away with something they have created – that is a pretty exciting thing – and putting theory into practice under your supervision will give attendees a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

Keep in mind when you run practical sessions, they will usually take longer than a demonstration or a discussion. 

What to show

When you are considering sharing and teaching skills – try to think about all the skills that you found difficult, or perhaps you couldn’t find the information easily online. What nuggets of wisdom can you give to the people you are teaching that will shine some light for them?

You don’t need to make it complicated, even if it seems like it might be. 


There is nothing worse than gatekeeping the entry to learning when it comes to creativity – be as open as possible. Create something that your attendees can take away apart from any artwork they have created. List great youtube videos, free courses, great artists to look at, books to read and more. 

This fosters a feeling of belonging in budding creative, and that is how the creative sector should be – inclusive and supportive. 

Teaching classes, offering online tutorials, selling your artwork, and more is a great ways to make money with your creativity; here are some more: ArtShine Different Ways to Earn Money Through Your Art


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