15 Must-Have Office Desk Accessories to Consider and How They Can Benefit Your Job

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to have workstations that are comfortable and functional. Your office desk setup will have a huge impact on your work, your motivation, and even your health. Consider your needs and prioritise your comfort so you can enjoy increased productivity. 

The more you help yourself with the right office desk accessories, the better. Here are 15 must-haves you should consider!

Wrist rest. It will make your wrists feel like they’re floating and help reduce or eliminate wrist pain and discomfort. They stop people from raising their shoulders by providing a comfortable resting surface for the wrists. They also remove pressure between the wrist and the hard surface or sharp edges of the desk.

Mouse pad. This one is obvious, but if you have a standard mouse pad, you should upgrade to a huge one. It will allow a lot more freedom of movement!

Footrest. If your feet are restless, consider getting a footrest. This will help you stay comfortable for longer and prevent cramps. 

Monitor stand. This accessory allows you to raise your monitor off the desk so it’s more comfortable to look at and they often feature extra storage.

LED desk lamp. Your workspace needs to be well-lit, so a slim and adjustable desk lamp can help. Make sure you can dim it and adjust the warmth to help you mimic natural light. 

Wireless charging stand. This one will help you keep your phone charged so you can use it as a work tool when needed while avoiding extra clutter from charging cables.

Tablet stand. If you have a laptop or desktop computer but often use a tablet for increased productivity, you should get a stand. It will make the tablet more comfortable and easier to use.

Headphone stand. If you use noise-cancelling headphones to stay focused for longer, having a stand for them will help you avoid clutter. Plus, it will look great!

Cable organizer. This accessory is the easiest way to avoid clutter and make your desk look tidier. Plus, it provides easy access to all your cables in one place.

Desk organizer. It’s not easy to keep your stationery organised throughout the day, but a desk organiser will help. They’re available in different styles and provide a place for your stationery, glasses, keys, and more. 

Laptop stand. This accessory will allow you to adjust the screen at eye level so you can prevent neck strain. Putting your laptop up on a stand keeps it elevated from the surface of your workstation, protecting it from any accidental spills. If you’re using an external mouse and keyboard as well, you’ll limit the amount of dirt and dust being transferred onto the laptop, keeping it in good working order for longer.

Keyboard and mouse. If you get a laptop stand, you should also get a keyboard and mouse to help prevent wrist and arm pain. 

Air purifier. This accessory will remove 99% of airborne particles and help you enjoy improved air quality so allergies don’t get in the way of work. 

Coffee cup warmer. Coffee or tea lovers will love this one and warm drinks will give you a nice energy boost. 

Diffuser. Last but not least, having a diffuser is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils to boost concentration and productivity at work. 

These are easily some of the best office desk accessories for productivity and comfort. Whatever you decide to get, you can be sure it will make your work life a lot better. Your home office design needs to be intentional and personal. The more you make the space your own, the happier you’ll be to inhabit it.

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