The Lingo, the Land, and the Lucrative: How To Successfully Expand Into New Territories

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The humble act of promoting a business in another country is not always so easy. While it’s never been easier to branch out into international markets, it’s not possible for you to “cut and paste” your current approach. When we are branching out into other markets, especially through our marketing practices there is a lot that we have to bear in mind.

Consider the Lingo

From the culture to the patois, the reality is that when you are aiming for a certain target market in another country, you need to translate your content to a certain extent. Of course, if you are going to countries where they don’t speak the same language, you will need a high-quality translator to ensure that nothing goes amiss. Don’t ever use Google translations! But also you need to think about the cultural components, especially if you’re trying to create something that really does connect with a specific location. This is where a marketing agency can provide a lot of insight. For example, when you are looking for a marketing agency in New York, there are many quality partners to consider, but the most important thing is to bear in mind how your product will come across in a different location, but also make sure that it doesn’t betray your brand at the same time. This is a difficult balance to get right.

Create a Site for Your Target Country

You need to create a separate website if you are really hell-bent on tapping a different target market. Google will work to display the most relevant results for users around the world, and this usually means listing websites based in the same country as the person searching. You can purchase country-specific domains so you can create very specific websites which target an audience. Additionally, you need to host the website where customers live. This is why you would benefit from hosting international websites on a service based in that target country. This isn’t just to make things easier for you, but it also will result in the website loading faster in that country. We have to remember that people will click away from the website if it doesn’t load fast enough.

Employ People Who Work There

When you want to attract new customers, you have to get the right people on board with your business. Because you can’t just copy and paste your approach; you’ve got to remember that hitting the market in another country involves people who can deliver excellent customer service and all those relevant touchstones for the business, but do it in a manner that is akin to local custom. This is something that we can sometimes forget about, especially in westernised countries. Employing people who actually work in that country is going to give you a greater insight into how best to conduct your business, your practices, and your marketing tactics. 

As simple as it may be to promote a business in another country, these are some things that you really have to bear in mind.


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