How to Ensure that Your Business Stays Secure

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The security of your business should be one of your priorities. It’s easy to take your security for granted, especially if no security breaches have occurred recently. However, when something does happen, it may be difficult for your business to survive the fallout. Here are some tips to help you protect your business premises.

After a Break-In

If your business was broken into and items stolen or damaged, then you will have to deal with that. So, you will need to contact the police and report the crime, then allow the police to investigate it. You will also need to contact your insurance provider.

The insurance provider may ask you to leave everything as it is until they can send someone out physically. Only once they’ve assessed the claim, can you clean up and replace lost equipment. 

As you can imagine, this process takes up valuable time. This can halt business operations until you can get going again, which has an incredibly detrimental effect on your business. Your clients or customers may not appreciate the wait and will be concerned about their data security, especially if electronic devices have been lost. 

Even if the insurance will cover the lost equipment, you will likely still have to front the cost yourself to start with so that you can continue running your business and recovering from the break-in. While it is possible to recover, prevention is always the better option.

Assess Risks

Before you can make any major changes, it’s beneficial to conduct a security risk assessment. This ensures that you’re aware of the most pressing risks involved in your business. If there are weaknesses or vulnerable areas, then a risk assessment will find them.

Once you know the potential risks, then you can deal with them and secure those areas. You can also train your employees so that they’re prepared for the most likely scenarios and can act quickly to protect themselves and your assets. 

External Lights and Security Cameras

The easiest way to prevent crime is to make your business seem too difficult or risky for a burglar to break into. Burglars prefer dark areas where they can go unseen, so illumination on the outside of your business building will immediately deter some criminals from attempting anything.

Another brilliant way to deter criminals is with security cameras. CCTV camera installation is usually relatively simple, so you can quickly get a security system set up. Even if someone attempts to break in despite cameras and lights, they are more likely to be caught.

Secure Entrances and Exits

Some offices are open to the public, but if you have confidential or vulnerable areas, then you should keep your entrances and exits secure. Use a keycard system or combination keypads to protect these areas.

Cyber Security

Cybercrime is, unfortunately, on the rise. If someone gets hold of your electronic devices, then they potentially have access to plenty of data that they can use to commit fraud or other crimes. As well as shoring up your physical defences, be sure to protect your cyberspace as well.


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