8 Highly Effective Lead Generation Strategies

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A recent report found 53% of marketers spend half their budget on lead generation. Another report found 61% of marketers find it difficult to generate leads.

It’s no doubt that lead generation is challenging. However, lead generation is not impossible. For any business to thrive, they need highly effective lead generation strategies. 

In this article, we will discuss eight effective lead generation strategies. But first, we will explain what lead generation strategies are in plain words.

What is Lead Generation Strategies?

“Leads” are people who show interest in your products or services. Once you find people like this, you must nurture and convert them into regular customers. However, finding people is where the challenge lies. Hence, a need to engage strategies to increase your brand’s awareness. 

The strategies you employ to make your product more attractive to visitors are lead generation strategies. Conventionally, lead generation is attracting customers and increasing their interest in your product to increase sales. Onto lead generation strategies!

8 Effective Lead Generation Strategies:

Before explaining effective generation leads, we must mention that lead generation strategies aim to get information from customers. The information provided by customers is the permit you need to remarket your services to them. 

  • Create gated content 

Gated content is locked content only accessible if customers fill out forms. They are not exposed in blog posts and landing pages but can only be accessed if a user completes a lead capture form. Common examples of gated content are worksheets, courses, reports, online tools, and white papers. It could also be an ebook or guide.

  • Offer free trials

Offering free trials for customers works best to attract qualified customers who aren’t ready to make purchases yet. They can help you capture leads from qualified prospects and convert them into paying customers by flashing the benefit of paid content over free content. 

  • Create value-packed newsletters 

Creating a value-packed newsletter is another way to use the content as lead magnets. Providing insightful and must-read content will keep customers in touch with your brand and can lead to long-term relationships. Some content for your newsletter can be blog posts, upcoming events, and special offers.

  • Host events

Hosting events can help you get your audiences’ contact info and learn more about your customers. It also allows you to answer questions from your customers and connect with them. You could host seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars, even meetups, to connect with your audience.

  • Develop landing pages with clear CTAs

You shouldn’t focus only on landing pages but also lead generation landing pages. Your landing pages should be clear with their messages, specific and short. You can typically set up lead generation landing pages in a short amount of time.

  • Willingly ask your customers for reviews

Customers’ reviews help you know what your audiences think about your website and help show other customers how valuable your offering is. In the long run, you satisfy your customers’ needs as part of building their trust in your brand. Research says 73% of people trust brands when they see positive reviews about them. Hence, it will help if you ask for reviews from your customers.

  • Use live chat

Ideally, live chat operators ask for customers’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Customers quickly enter their details, so they get to speak to an agent almost immediately. While using live chat helps enhance your user experience, it also helps with lead generation. We must mention that live chats should be active as often as possible to generate the most leads.

  • Run contests

Finally, you can decide to run contests to generate buzz about your brand and generate leads simultaneously. Running contests makes it easy for people to give out information about themselves. 

Businesses thrive on strategies, especially lead generation tactics, to convert customers and generate high revenue. There are several lead generation strategies you can opt for, but this article discusses some of the most effective ideas to get you started. 

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