How to Keep Yourself Healthy and Organized While Running a Business

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It’s essential to take care of yourself as a business owner. That means taking time for self-care, making sure you maintain balance and being open-minded about new opportunities too. Here are seven ways you can do that:

1) Find a good therapist

You might think that a therapist is a luxury you can’t afford, especially if your business is new and not yet bringing in the big bucks. But finding the right therapist might be easier than you think, and it deserves to be at the top of your priority list for self-care.

Talking to a professional will help you sort through the emotions from your business and perhaps allow you to understand yourself better. A therapist can also be a great sounding board for new ideas or just someone to talk things out with.

2) Learn how to meditate

Whether it’s a hot vinyasa class on a Saturday morning, a gentle Hatha class on Wednesday afternoon, or simply some time out in nature on your own. It doesn’t have to be formal – it could just mean taking a few deep breaths before checking your email first thing in the morning.

Meditation is all about being present and focusing on yourself for a little while so that you can notice your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without reacting to them. It can indeed be lifesaving for new business owners, who are often operating in the future or the past, rather than focusing on what’s happening right now.

3) Make your home office feel like home

When you’re running your own business, especially if it’s a creative one that requires some thinking and dreaming as well as hard work, then your home office becomes more than just a room with a desk and computer in it: it’s also like an extension of yourself.

You spend all day in there, and you might spend a lot of nights in there too. So it’s essential to make sure that your creative space feels pleasant, comfortable, and inviting. That way, whether you’re just working away or recharging between activities after work, it will be easier to relax and switch off from the business side of things.

4) Do something “just for me” every day

Many people who are new to self-employment tend to cancel out everything that isn’t “work” because they’re afraid that if they don’t work all the time, then they’ll fail. Or perhaps they go in the opposite direction and overwork themselves without much downtime.

It’s important not to fall into either of those extremes, but instead to find a good work-life balance where you can still do your best business while also being happy and taking the time to notice how you’re feeling. So, for instance, making sure you have a little “me” time every day might mean going out for a coffee in the morning, doing a yoga class after work, or having an afternoon with no plans.

5) Practice preventive healthcare

While most people know that they should go to the doctor every year for a check-up or floss and brush their teeth daily, many new business owners often put their health on the back burner to get more done at work.

It’s important to remember that your body is a temple; when you’re well-rested, relaxed, and healthy, then it will be much easier for you to do all the fantastic things you need to do to grow your business. So, if you haven’t already, start making it part of your routine to visit the dentist or doctor on time, get an annual physical, and go for regular walks or exercise. And if you need any urgent care services, don’t hesitate to look online and book some appointments.

6) Be open to trying new things

While it might feel stressful to take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something completely new, it’s essential to know that trying new things can be very rewarding – whether it’s a book club, learning how to meditate, or starting a blog.

If you keep doing the same thing repeatedly, your perspective on life will always be the same as it is now. So, while it might be scary, you should try to push yourself just a little every day and do something that gives you a sense of adventure and exploration.

7) Choose your day’s meetings wisely

When you work for yourself, you don’t have anyone to tell you to get off your computer and go home, so it’s up to you to set boundaries for yourself. You have the flexibility, but you still have a lot of responsibility.

So, it’s crucial not only to limit your time working each day but also to schedule fun activities, at least sometimes too. Learning to manage your time correctly is one of the most complex parts of being a business owner, so it’s essential to prioritize your work and play equally.

If you embody these seven simple tips, you’ll hopefully feel much healthier, refreshed, and ready to conquer the world in no time. So, do yourself a favour and take better care of your health. The more prepared you feel to take on new challenges, the easier it will be to grow your business and thrive as an entrepreneur!

Vinh Van Lam
the authorVinh Van Lam
Vinh Van Lam, co-founder of ArtSHINE, is a visionary art coach and entrepreneur with a passion for fostering creativity. With a diverse background in art and business, he brings a unique perspective to empower emerging artists, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic art industry through the innovative platform of ArtSHINE.

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