The Advantages Of Buying A New Build

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Buying a home is exciting, but can be stressful, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. The good news, if you’re struggling to find something to buy, is that tens of thousands of new homes are built every year. This means that more buyers than ever before are finding a brand new property that appeals to them when they are house-hunting for their dream home. However, those new builds can come at a premium price. Is that price worth it? What are the advantages of buying a new build that make them worth the cost?

Unpack And Go

When you buy a new-build home from a company like Costas Constructions, you get a new home which is a completely blank canvas. It has brand new tiling, paintwork, kitchens, and bathrooms. This ought to mean that when you move in, there should be very little, if anything, that you need to do to the house before you can start living in it. All you need to do is unpack your things and start living in and enjoying your new home. 

A Boost To Buying

For a lot of first-time buyers, a new build home is the only way to get onto the property ladder. This is because many of the schemes that are designed to help first-time buyers are only available when you buy a new home. You can always buy a previously owned home later on, after you have got your foot on the property ladder. 


Some housing development companies will throw in all kinds of extra features into the new build home in order to secure a sale. This could mean they will do things like cover the cost of the carpets or add in some higher-end appliances. This can be very appealing. 

Modern Living

A new build that has been designed to be top-spec will have all the latest technology already built-in, which can be a very attractive feature. A lot of new build properties offer some smart home features, as well as modern open-plan layouts. Some will also have some shared services with other properties in the development, such as a concierge or a shared gym. These features are perfect for young families wanting a modern life. 

Design Your Home

If you buy off-plan, you might be able to able to have some say in the design. The builder might be able to let you have some say in the fittings or even the layout. 

Low Bills

New build homes must comply with the very latest building regulations, which makes them more energy-efficient than older homes. This will mean you have lower energy bills, saving you some money. 

Chain Free

You’re the first owner, so there’s no chain of buyers above you. This takes away one of the big stresses of buying a home. 


All new builds will have a warranty, which you don’t get with an existing home. Read the details of this warranty carefully, so you know what to expect and what is covered.

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