How to Map Out Your Five-Year Plan for your Business LifeStyle

Meeting goals that you want to achieve personally and professionally will be challenging to succeed without carefully set out a detailed action plan. While it can be daunting to think so far ahead, you can break down your long-term goals into bite size steps, so they are more manageable.

How do you want to change and achieve?

You can use the nine priorities of life as a guide to assist in building abundance for your life and those around you. We all have different priorities in life, so Focus on your priorities.

The goals you are going to set will be full of purpose so that it will empower you to execute those tasks so you can move forward in achieving your goals and reach your dream sooner too.
Consider the 9 priorities in life when setting your goals:
  1. Health (MBS) Mind, Body, Spiritual (Health & Fitness)
  2. Relationships
  3. Family Connection
  4. Business & Career
  5. Financial Competency
  6. True Wealth
  7. Gratitude  
  8. Fun & Refresh
  9. Time Leveraging

Here’s an overview of how to draft the right priorities and start working your way to fulfilling a five-year plan:

A five-year plan includes many different topics depending on who you are and what you want from your Business LlifeStyle. The priority is to visualize what you’ll be doing and where you’ll live in five years. You may be quite happy and satisfied with life and may want your five-year plan to reflect that. If so, think more about what you’ll need to continue living that same life.

Be honest. Don’t think about what is expected of you, but what makes you truly happy. This is your plan, not someone else’s, and separate from what your spouse, friends, or family want for you.

Personal Goals: These refer to how you hope to transform your personal life. Are you happy with who you are, what you do? How would you like to better yourself? Over five years they may include watching less TV, quitting smoking, being more active, learning a new language, or doing more hobbies.

Financial Goals: What can you do to establish more financial security in five years? Consider the steps to get you closer to of career or business you want. Even if you’re young and don’t have a job, thinking about what you want out of a job now will help you find out what your next step is.

Financial goals may include saving more money, obtaining a degree, being promoted, starting or growing your art business, or finding a new job or licensing your art.

Fun and Happy Goals: These relate to bringing more fun into your life: these can be travelling more, sky diving, going on a blind date, enjoying a music festival, or volunteering for a charity, learning how to cook,  more time for art and craft.

Family Goals: If you’ve started a family, what goals do you have, and what do you hope to accomplish? If you haven’t created one yet, what are your plans? Goals may include having a child, saving money for your child’s education, adding to your home, moving to a larger house, or going on a family vacation.

Map out Your Plan

Be specific and focus on the purpose of the goals you can accomplish in real-time, or you can research the steps to complete them. By doing so, your plan will have a greater chance of success. By taking the time to research and outline your goals, you can develop a roadmap that will help you stay on track and make informed decisions along the way. A well-crafted plan can also help attract investors and partners, as it will demonstrate that you have a clear vision for your business. Additionally, a 5-year program can be a valuable tool for tracking progress and measuring success. By reviewing your plan on a regular basis, you can assess whether you are on track to achieve your goals and make adjustments as needed. With careful planning and execution, your business can reap the many benefits of having a 5-year plan.

Identify essential task: In each priority, identify a handful of the most important goals as you need to narrow your focus and think specifically about those sub-goals for each item. In your list, identify every item either #1,# 2, or #3. An  #1 goal is vital to you and one you want or need most, while a #3 goal is something you desire but isn’t something you want or need. If a goal is in between the two, label it ‘#2’.

Alternatively, organize your list in order of how long it will take you to accomplish them. If you’ve listed “to learn photoshop” and “get declutter your studio”, then you can take steps towards one in the next week, while the other may take longer.

Stick to the 3 commitments:  The three types of Commitment Goals that you should consider when you create your 5 year plan:

  • IN” your business
    • Goals to create your art
  • ON” your business
    • Goals to Promote your art
  • ABOVE” your business
    • Goal to Refresh yourself  & Plan for the future YOU

We have concluded that to succeed in building your Business LifeStyle, you must set goals in three core areas regularly:

  • CreateCreate, and create constantly. Without creating you’re not living your passion and not producing any income either. “Create” is a key component of working IN your Art & Design practice.
  • Promote Just as important is “promote”. Without promoting the Art & Design that you have created no one knows what you do, and no one will buy your creations. “Promote” is a key component of working ON your Art & Design practice.
  • Refresh We are all humans. We are unique individuals, not robots or computers. We, unlike computers or machines, do not have the ability to perform at high speeds indefinitely. Even machines and computers require maintenance or service to function properly. We are no exception. So take some time off. You completely deserve it. If you cannot take a long break, some short breaks throughout the year or during the day are also beneficial if they allow you to be refreshed.

Make a list for each item/task : Once you’ve organized your list, start with a new piece of paper. It’s important to handle each goal individually, especially if it’s complicated that requires your focus.

Narrow your focus. Make each list specific and then break it down a list of tasks. How details you get depend on how much you have to add to each item on the list and how much guidance you require.

Realistic timelines. Set a time frame to achieve your goals and be honest. Remember, think long-term and keep breaking down those big goals until they are small achievable steps.

Cross things off: Don’t neglect the importance of giving yourself a visual reminder of getting closer to your goals. Keep your plan accessible and cross each item off when accomplished. This will give you a visual reminder. Also, take a minute to celebrate each time you finish one as you get closer to accomplishing a life goal. Treat yourself to something special like dinner, or a spa day. It’s important to celebrate your wins and gains.

Pay attention to new goals: Five-year plans is a good target to aim for. Your business industry can change quickly, and the more you adapt, the more you’ll learn about what it takes. Amend your list on a regular basis. In revising your plan, it isn’t a failure, but a sign you’re learning more and getting closer to those goals.

Don’t get distracted: We often get distracted by new ideas that seem more interesting than our current goals. This is common, but if you keep following new shiny goals, they will divert your attention away from your long-term goals. So to be clear, understand what it takes to achieve them and stick to the plan.


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