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Two weeks, During one of my coaching sessions with one of our clients, Jeremwa is an interior and landscape designer. We were talking about his business and projects he was working on on one of his client’s properties and what he would look for to help them boost the value of their property. It was very interesting as I am also into the property market. This is one thing I am grateful for when I coach my clients I not only giving my expertise but at the same time I learn new things from my clients. The best of both world,

Install long-lasting natural finishes

When you add features to the home, it is always worth investing in long-lasting materials. Not only will they help you get more for your money. But, they will also last long enough to stay in good condition for the next owners. 

For instance, you may want to repair your driveway so that it looks good and is safe for your car. For this, you could use exposed aggregate installation to achieve a stunning, long-lasting, and natural finish. You will be able to reveal the true beauty of your home and ensure that you make the most of your money. 

Repair the roof

The roof is one of the main features of the home to look after to prevent future safety issues and expensive bills. If you lack maintenance of your roof, it could cause water damage and need replacing, which is time and money consuming. 

Keeping an eye on the condition of your roof and doing any minor repairs as soon as possible will ensure that the home has a good foundation and is less vulnerable to safety hazards and serious damage. 

You will need to ensure that the roof can withstand all weather conditions and looks as new as possible to increase the buyer’s interest and offer. If future buyers feel that they will need to repair the roof in the near future, it might hinder their interest and how much they think the home is worth.

Add double-glazed windows

Most modern homes already feature double-glazed windows. But, not all of them do. It is a must to have double-glazed windows for safety and maximising your money. 

As a new buyer, they will look for how energy-efficient the home is. They will want to make sure that their energy bills won’t be through the roof. The beauty of double-glazed windows is that they regulate the inside temperature, meaning that less energy is needed to maintain a good temperature. Small details like this go a long way and will boost the value of the home as soon as they are installed. 

Refresh the garden

Taking good care of your garden will look pleasing to buyers. It will show that you care for your home, which is often a reflection of how well you care for the interior too. 

The garden and entryway are the first things that the buyer will see. Having a well-kept garden will make a good first impression and increase the chances of the buyer being interested in the property. 

If you add additional features and ensure that the entryway is in tip-top condition, then the value will increase. Some examples of garden features that will boost the value of the home include:

  • Fresh doors and windows: your front door and windows will make a lasting impression. The newer and fresher they look, the more attractive your home will look. When these are in great condition, it will boost the interest from the buyer as well as the value of the property. A simple refresh of paint and a good clean will make a huge difference.
  • Solar features: with the world turning towards sustainable living, solar features are a great investment for future buyers. They will reduce energy bills and enable them to live sustainably as soon as they move in. Some simple ideas include solar panels and exterior lights.
  • Security: having security measures at your home, such as cameras and smart doorbells, will mean that future buyers can feel safe there. Feeling safe in a home is a priority. Thus, if you already have these features in place, it will mean one less thing for the new buyers to pay for, which means they will likely be able to afford to pay more for the property. 

Maintain the boiler

The boiler can be a huge expense if it needs repairing or replacing. It might not be worth your investment or it might make a huge difference to the value of your home. Either way, it will hinder its value. 


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