How To Get Your Employees To Step Up And Take Responsibility

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How To Get Your Employees To Step Up And Take Responsibility

For any business to thrive, a lot hinges on the employees. So, as a business owner, it makes good business sense to work with an HR contractor to employ the best people for your organisation. Beyond getting the best set of people, you will need to properly equip and manage them if they become invaluable assets to your business. If you can do this well, your employees will become invested in the organisation’s goals and give their best to ensure that the company thrives. Here are some smart ways to encourage your staff to step up and take responsibility.

Appreciate employees efforts

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Everyone has a role to play in the organisation, and everyone is expected to excel. But there are instances where employees are exceptional in their endeavours. Recognising their value to the organisation and achievements is a great way to appreciate their efforts. Such recognition means a lot to them and will encourage them to do better. Other employees will also see such recognition and strive to be recognised similarly.

Always give feedback

As stated in the point above, communication is essential, and feedback is a vital aspect of communication. Feedback ensures that communication is continuous and enables both parties to express their thoughts freely. Feedback is vital to both managers and employees as it can help trigger positive behaviours that will increase productivity and efficiency. Feedback can be either negative or positive, and each plays a critical role. Positive feedback will motivate employees to continue practising behaviours that increase productivity and profits. Negative feedback will alert employees to behaviours that adversely affect productivity and profits. Feedback, like communication, must also be a two-way street so that both employees and management can know what to do to improve productivity and profits.

Encourage open communication

In many organisations, communication is often a one-way street. Communication usually originates from superiors in the form of tasks or assignments, and the subordinates just comply. However, in such organisations, the lack of two-way communication can lead to miscommunication. This kind of miscommunication will drag the creative or productive process as assignments or tasks will only get reviewed when they are completed. But when communication is a two-way street, tasks can be deliberated upon, and the best approach used to ensure that the creative or production process is not protracted. Effective two-way communication will increase productivity and efficiency in an organization.

Delegate when necessary

Often, managers and business owners tend to want to work on most projects themselves. However, they may soon find themselves stretched thin and unable to tackle everything adequately. This is why delegation is necessary, to give yourself enough space to function at your best. You cannot do it all by yourself; that is why you have employees. So delegate some of your functions or work to competent employees who can handle such tasks. However, do not micromanage as that will hinder the reason for delegating in the first place.

Train and equip

Although you may have employed the best employees, the marketplace keeps evolving. To keep pace with the industry, you have to ensure that your staff is periodically trained and equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to excel. That is the only way you will get the best out of your employees in a very dynamic business world.


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