Don’t Let Negative Self Talk Turn Into Exercise Self Sabotage

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It’s not unusual for negative self-talk to get in the way of major lifestyle changes. Our survival instincts hate change, after all, and whether we’re embarking on a new job or an exercise routine, we may soon start doubting ourselves. The trouble is that, while boss appraisals and recognition can help us to settle into a new job, success in fitness is way more reliant on self-motivation, a goal which can remain frustratingly out of reach when you’re constantly telling yourself you aren’t good enough. 

This can be terrible news, ultimately stalling your progress and keeping you from the health changes that could transform your life. As such, it’s crucial that you take action against negative self-talk surrounding your workouts as soon as you notice it, and we’ve got some pointers to help you do just that. 

# 1 – Use facts to keep negativity at bay

In most instances, negative self-talk revolves around hypotheticals. As such, the best way to silence self-doubt is to present it with facts that it can’t question, such as rising weight groups or ongoing weight loss. Admittedly, these are often long-term goals that can be difficult to come by in the early days when your negativity is at its peak, but considering quick-fire solutions can still help. For instance, high-intensity workouts could see you lifting more in less time, while additions like these top fat burners could see that number on the scale dropping a little faster. These quick-fire solutions can then act as the fuel you need to quell that voice and create a longer-lasting fitness approach for results that keep on coming. 

# 2 – Give your self-doubt voice

Negative self-talk is often internal and rarely spoken. That’s how it gains its power, allowing even ludicrous put downs to find their platform. As such, avoiding the self-sabotage spiral is also very much about voicing any struggles/doubts, either with a workout friend or a personal trainer. As well as immediately bringing negativity down to size, this is guaranteed to help you to relieve yourself of negative self-talk at its roots, and achieve better results as you do so. 

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# 3 – Use your doubts as fuel

If someone else puts us down, most of us go above and beyond to prove them wrong. No one likes to be doubted, after all. So, why do you roll straight over and accept any doubts that you throw at yourself? This is no way to get results, and it means missing out on a very tempting opportunity to prove yourself wrong. After all, being able to silence yourself with verifiable fitness results down the line is guaranteed to feel pretty good! To make it happen, use your doubt as fuel for a fitness future with fire!  

Negative self-talk is totally normal, especially if you’ve only just turned towards a fitness routine. All you need to do is get wise and implement these pointers to make sure that it doesn’t get close to sabotaging your efforts before they even get off the ground. 

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