Increase Conversions by Applying These 5 Product Image Strategies

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Images are important in online stores. Whether they’re on your website, on social networking platforms, like Instagram and Facebook or on e-commerce sites like Etsy, visually pleasing photos of your product is a must. After all, web visitors shop with their eyes. You can’t expect to enjoy high sales if your pictures aren’t eye-catching.

Producing awesome shots, however, isn’t easy. An article from Small Business Trends revealed that approximately six out of ten e-Commerce websites have product photos that disappoint shoppers.

If you want to establish credibility, improve engagement and bump up your conversion rates, you’ll need high-quality visual content on your online website. Here are five tactics to help you enhance the product images that you will use for your business:

1. Hire an Experienced Product Photographer or Agency

Quality beats quantity, so don’t settle for low-resolution or low-quality images of your products. Instead, hire an agency or people with skills and experience in product photography. If you’re selling jewellery, for instance, you’ll need to look for a skilled photographer and an experienced jewellery image retoucher who can make your products look visually pleasing.

Getting a professional photographer is a low-hanging fruit that e-commerce companies should consider. It won’t drain your finances, and it can deliver the results you want for your business.

2. Offer Various Viewing Angles

Providing shoppers with one or two angles of your product isn’t enough. You should also show what your goods look like from all angles.

This is especially important for businesses selling apparel and accessories. If a customer plans to purchase BTS clothing, for instance, they’ll want to know what the item looks like from the sides, back and front. So, upload photos showcasing the item from all possible angles.

Shoppers will be more likely to purchase your product when they have a good grasp of what they’re getting. What’s more, displaying your items from multiple angles can help minimize product returns. E-commerce product return statistics from Business 2 Community revealed that 22 per cent of online shoppers returned the products that they ordered because they look different from the photos.

3. Provide an Image Zoom Feature on Your Product Pages

When shoppers want to check out a product more closely, they usually mouse over an item image to get a more detailed view. If you don’t have this feature, chances are that they’ll leave unsatisfied and look somewhere else.

So, make sure that your website allows shoppers to zoom in on a product easily. You can turn on this functionality by checking the plugin specifications of your site.

4. Optimize (Not Resize) Images

If you want to improve your website load speed, you should optimize your product shots instead of resizing them. Using image software to resize your photos can result in a decrease in image quality. The best solution here is to use an optimization plugin that compresses image files without affecting the speed of your website or the quality of your photos.

5. Add Simple Props to Your Product Shots

A clean and white background is an effective way to showcase your goods. If you want to make your photos a little more interesting, though, consider introducing props in your images.

If you’re selling soaps made using kelp, for instance, you could include real sea kelp in your product image to show off the item’s natural ingredients. Just don’t go overboard with the props, though. Remember that the hero of the shot is your product, not the “extras” in the background.

Humans are highly visual creatures, so you should give them beautiful product images to look at while they browse through your business website. Use these five strategies to transform your ineffective product photos into stunning sales-generating assets for your business.


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