How the Pandemic will create a brighter 2021

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At the end of 2020, it’s a good time to look back and reflect upon what has been an incredibly interesting year.  

A way to boost positivity in your life is to dedicate time to focus on the good things that have happened. 

In a time where it’s challenging to find reasons to be cheerful, here are some of the positives that have come from the Coronavirus pandemic.

A sense of community 

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, hundreds and thousands of people stood up to the call of volunteering to help more vulnerable people in their communities. Mutual aid groups were set up for people to offer people support with delivery work, picking up medical prescriptions for those unable to leave their homes, they took dogs for walks, made masks, entertained them through music- there are videos of people singing from their balconies to bring a sense of togetherness during hard times. 

People have time to reflect and restructure 

In times of stress, uncertainty and upheaval, people are more likely to use this time to change their lifestyle to make it better for them. The COVID-19 lockdown is a good enough reason for people to want to take command of specific lifestyle choices that could be hindering them both physically and mentally.  

With so many people going into forced isolation, they have been able to stop and reflect on their lives. This has meant lots of people reflecting on their lives and making plans for a better future

It is a time to reflect on what really matters for them and what a change of pace, setting, career and status could do for their lives overall. 

Reduced Carbon Emissions 

Less fossil fuel usage has meant that carbon emissions have gone down significantly. In China, the COVID crisis is said to have reduced the country’s carbon emissions by around 25% since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

With a huge reduction on non-essential travel, fewer people using the roads to travel to work and reduced demand for air travel, the impact on the environment has been huge.

People are better at being connected 

A lack of contact with the outside world has meant that some people have chosen to invest more in their personal relationships. 

While some people may be saw some of their friends every few months or so, weekly video call catch-ups have had a positive impact on these relationships. The same goes for people staying in better contact with their families by checking in more regularly. 

While video chats will never replicate the feeling of meeting up with loved ones for a good old catch up, they’re still an excellent way of making sure to stay in touch with people all over the world, gathering large groups of people together at any one time that may not have been possible before. 

COVID is still prevalent, even as we go into 2021. However, there are many positive things that have happened as a result that we are hopeful to continue over time. 

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