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Very few of us manage well with clutter. Our minds are wired to be bothered and stressed by clutter. When we are surrounded by lots of stuff, it can be a lot more difficult to handle things, and as a result, we become sluggish and disoriented. Nowadays, it is not just physical clutter that we face — digital clutter is a very real thing. It occupies our machines, our organizational structures, and prevents us from being effective and profitable. If you want to find out how you can erase all the unnecessary things from your business, from items on your desk to ideas and troubles that are floating around your mind, then keep these tips in mind.

Get rid of the physical clutter

The very first step is to eliminate all unwanted physical objects in your office or workspace. This may be decorations, devices that are no longer needed or broken, obsolete mugs and plates, piled up junk mail, out-of-date signs and notices, and everything else that does not bring any benefits to the space. Think of Marie Kondo here-if it does not spark joy or if it is no longer useful, get rid of it! If you have a lot of excess clutter to get rid of, hire heavy waste skips. You are going to find that this is a perfect opportunity to throw things away that are taking up space. You may also want to think about selling anything that is still functional to add some extra revenue to your company.

Opt for a paperless system

More and more organizations are now opting to go paperless. Not only can this have a positive effect on your mental health- – lots of paper and files hanging around can make people more stressed-but it is more environmentally friendly and can help the whole workplace work more efficiently. Upload or distribute essential documents and information to your cloud services, enabling anyone to access it anywhere at any time. Avoid pinning messy rotas and schedules and arrange your time on a digital calendar. Through doing this, you will also find that you can get rid of some more physical objects-you are no longer going to need endless filing cabinets and printers!

Digital detox

When you have removed, or at least sorted all the physical clutter, it is time to start a digital clutter. It can be time-consuming, so set up a clear filing system and make sure everybody sticks to it. Create folders inside folders, if necessary, and make sure that everything is labelled in the same way. Spend some time developing a method that works for you — alphabetically, by the customer, by date — it does not matter as long as you all understand it, and you adhere to it.

Email efficiency

Email inboxes are infamous for being cluttered and disorganised. Without any kind of system in place, it is easy to lose track of details and miss emails. The four folder method works well for most people-it works by getting four folders, as the name implies, and once the email is read, it should be sorted into the right one.


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  • Great post thanks for sharing this valuable piece of information with us all. As we all are trying to run our businesses and some way we get cluttered with our ways to get our work as fast as possible. Your post provides us all ways we can make our business uncluttered and make our work a little more easy.

    Nice work keep it up.

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