Preventing Cyber Attacks in Your Company

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When it comes to security protocols for your company, what do you have in place? With more and more business being performed online, storing clients and employees details safely, along with sensitive company information is vital. Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems. Cybersecurity protects your hardware, software and other connected devices from being accessed by cybercriminals. Practising good security protocols and evaluating your operations regularly will help you to limit anyone accessing those files without authorisation and putting your data at risk.

Security breaches are taken seriously, and in 2018 alone hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fines were imposed on companies and individuals who were found to have willfully neglected cybersecurity practises ultimately leading to that information being accessed by cybercriminals.

What can you do to protect your business from cybercrime?

Hire an Attorney

Hiring a local attorney will be beneficial in knowing exactly what laws you need to follow locally, nationally and even internationally if you do business with clients overseas. A competent attorney who knows commercial and business laws and legal requirements for all aspects of your company including strata lawyers will help you to make sure you are working legally and striving to keep all aspects of your business safe along with the cybersecurity too.

Train yourself and your Employees

Educate everyone who works for your company on the many different ways cybercriminals work to gain details illegally. Make sure everyone is on the same page and can not only identify potential security threats but are also actively working to prevent them.

Firewalls, security applications, encrypted files, updating passwords regularly and not opening links from unknown sources on company systems. All of these options and more can help you prevent hackers from gaining valuable and potentially life-ruining details and exposing other people sensitive information.

Regular Audits

As your company grows, so does the amount of information you hold. Contracting outside cybersecurity professionals to conduct audits on your cybersecurity can help you to identify weak spots and potential security breaches. They can advise you on the best ways to prevent data breaches and analyse each employee’s behaviour.


Fines for lapse security when it comes to hacks and data breaches can be costly. Insuring yourself against hacks by cybercriminals can protect in the event anything untoward does happen.

Protect Valuable Information

Using two-factor authentication or limiting who can access certain files will add an extra layer of security to your data. If a breach was to occur the fewer people with access means it is easier to identify how the hack happened. Sometimes a threat is so sophisticated; it can bypass many if not all of the protocols in a place other times, it is also in security that allows the breach in.

Protecting your data is something you should focus heavily on no matter the size of your company. With many laws in place to protect people’s sensitive information to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands could land you in hot water, should you be the victim of cybercrime.


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