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‘Work’ and ‘fun’ aren’t usually two words that are strongly associated with each other. Most of us slog through our work every day because we need to pay the bills, not because we enjoy what we do. However there are lots of ways you can earn cash- either on the side or even full time- doing something you genuinely love. If you have a hobby, skill or passion, why not look into ways to make a bit of money from it? Here are a few ideas.


Everyone loves a baker, and if you know how to whip up delicious baked treats then there’s more you can do than just treat your friends and family. Why not set up your own baking business, where you can make occasion cakes such as birthday and wedding cakes for clients? It’s easier than you think to start a baking business from home, you will just need to declare this to your local council who will stop in for random hygiene checks to make sure everything is in order. You will also need to make a few changes to your kitchens, such as using a separate fridge for home and work. Another option would be to invest in a food van and sell your creations at festivals, fairs and fetes. You could sell things like cookies, cupcakes, brownies and savouries. There are lots of ways you can earn money from your ability to turn flour, butter and eggs into something tasty!

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Do you like to sew or knit? Perhaps you can make things from paper or cards, you might be able to make incredible candles, soaps or jewellery. You might be skilled in wood or metal work, making anything from wooden dog beds to decorative metal hooks for the home. Either way, these crafts can all be sold for a good profit. People love handmade items, they make great gifts and are generally nicer to own than things that are mass-produced. You could sell on places like Etsy which is an online marketplace for handmade items, or you could attend a gift fair. It’s not as tricky as you think to turn your hobby into a thriving business.

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Gardening is a fantastic hobby. It keeps you fit, teaches you patience and you get to reap the reward of beautiful flowers or homegrown fruits and vegetables. There are a number of ways you can earn money from your garden. The first is to sell starter plants that you have grown from seeds, these little ‘plugs’ are much easier for those less green-fingered to grow in their own garden than propagating from seed. You could make your own products, such as jams, jellies and chutneys with the fruits and vegetables you grow. You could even make beauty products from things like aloe vera, chamomile and lavender. Either sell from your home or book yourself a stall at a market event where people will be buying these kinds of things.

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Blogging is a budget-friendly way to earn extra income if you enjoy writing or creating content. A recent study found that you can earn at least $28,000 annually by working as a blogger. There are several amazing ways to earn a good blogging income, including providing online courses, affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling freelancing services. However, blogging is competitive, and you may require experts such as Rocket Agency to create ads and generate significant traffic for profitable blogging.

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