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When you first get your business underway, you probably put in a lot of effort to sure that everything in your store or business looked perfect. And then you got your business underway, and all the small and large tasks you had to take care of were your primary duty. The look and feel of your business became a secondary concern, and then a third, and then fourth concern. And while you were letting its maintenance fall away slightly, it was losing its freshness! For a business to be impressive, it has to look the part. So take another glance at your store or office: is it as fresh as it could be? If not, take our tips below.

Develop a System

We know that you have more pressing concerns, but you’ll be well-served by developing a system that keeps things neat and tidy. If you’re a store owner, then you should have a system in place whereby some essential cleaning tasks are performed by your staff once the shop is closed. It can be as simple as a thirty minute tidy and sweep, but it’ll prevent massive amounts of dirt from building up. If you work in an office, then the simple act of taking out the rubbish and giving the place a quick vacuum might do the job.

Hire a Cleaner

While you may be able to keep on top of the small builds up of dirt, you’re going to be spending too long keeping things clean. After all, you’ve got a business to run! As such, it’ll be worthwhile hiring a cleaner to visit your premises once a week or so. They’ll do a professional job, for starters, and will also take care of those harder to reach spots that you’ll likely miss. Remember: perfection exists in the details. If you’ve got someone on hand to take care of those easily overlook spots, your business’ cleanliness will stand up to scrutiny.

Take Care of any Small Issues

Normal wear and tear is common in everything, from your home to clothes to, yes, your business premises. Because none of the issues seem to be too important, it’s easy to adopt a “I’ll take care of that later” attitude to things that need to be repaired or replaced. But all the while you’re waiting to get around to fixing it, those small – and sometimes large –  imperfections are having a detrimental effect on how people are viewing your business. So take care of them promptly. Have a glazier repair any broken panes of glass. Repaint the walls, if the paint has begun to peel. And if your sign says “John Harding Car C mp  y” it’s time to make that bad boy say “company” again.


Look For Inspiration

You can’t be expected to always be at the forefront of corporate modernity. That’s a lot of pressure, and you’d never have time to get anything else done! However, there is a way you can ensure you’re never left too far behind, and that’s by keeping an eye on how the trendsetting giants are doing things. This is easier online, but it works in real life too; what moves are the influencers in your industry making? When you’ve seen what they’re up to, incorporate touches of the same approach into your own look. You’ll never be too far behind with what’s in style.

Have a Remodel

Sometimes, it’s about more than just making small changes. Customer habits and fashions change, and your business will need to reflect these changes. Every couple of years or so, you’ll need to have a bigger overhaul of your design and decor. Try as you might, you won’t be able to keep things looking fresh forever without changing things severely. But don’t see it as a necessary chore; it’s a chance to showcase how you’ve grown as a company!

Remember Your Online Presence

You can’t have a futuristic looking business premises, and then have an online presence that looks like it’s stuck in the nineties! Your online presence needs to be updated more regularly than your physical presence. Things are moving much more quickly in the online world than they are in the real world, and that’s really saying something.

Update the Uniform

If your staff wear a uniform for work, then don’t let too many years pass without giving it an update. While the developments in fashion may be subtle, they are there; just take a look at what people were wearing five years ago, for instance. In any case, your staff are going to be working hard in their uniform, and it won’t be long before they are beginning to show their wear and tear.

If you own and run a busy restaurant or cafe then your staff may have a set uniform. Make sure this is user friendly to everyone who works for you. For example, is it suitable for an employee if they were to become pregnant. If you have kitchen staff, are all their aprons matching and looking professional? These are the little things you have to think about when working on the uniform. You can get comfy, loose chef jackets here. Your staff members will thank you for thinking of them when updating the uniform

Have a Declutter

Your business premises are going to have plenty of supplies, records, equipment, and so on, and even though they’ll probably be kept away from where you’re conducting most of your business, all these products will have an effect on your productivity. Every so often, it’s good to go through everything that you’ve got, and have a clear out. It’ll make your space feel much more fresh, and a more enjoyable place to work in, too.

Move to a New Area

Sometimes, it won’t be your business premises that are falling behind the times: it’ll be the area in which it’s located. We all want to be located in a cool, trendy area, or at least one that is well-known for being a hotspot for the type of business you’re in, but times change. Neighbourhoods rise, and neighbourhoods fall. If your once cool corner of the city is now seen as a dud spot, it might be time to up sticks and move to a new area. In so doing, you’ll be giving your business the best kind of freshening up – one that lets everyone know that you’re part of the here and now.

Keeping your business fresh and modern-looking is an ongoing process, but it’s worth taking the time to do it; it’ll help keep your business relevant.  

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