6 ‘Must Dos’ to get you fresh for the weekend

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Your weekend should be seen as a safe haven to unwind, But sometimes we can take this to heart, end up relaxing too much and achieve nothing! Remember, our brains need stimulation, even on off days. Maximizing your weekend doesn’t have to be stressful, but refreshing.

So try these six great goals to get your weekends off to a great start without making it feel like another work day:

Bust the routine: No matter what your budget is, there are lots of different activities to make the weekend an enjoyable and fulfilling time. As an example, we asked one of our clients to act like a tourist in her hometown and research new restaurants, entertainment, and recreations. Take your partner on a date, watch a movie or take up a new hobby. Whatever it is, live in the moment. Trying something new will make you feel as if you have done something with your weekend.

Get learning: We stopped learning on leaving school, so why not challenge yourself to stimulate you brain. Whether it’s a cooking class, a trip to the library, going to festivals, exhibitions, seminars or theatre. There’s a wealth of information out there to get you motivated for the weekend.

Embrace nature: One of the few things we do is enjoy the outdoors. So grab your boots and go trekking or walking to see what’s out there. You could also join a walkers’ club and see nature in the raw. Sunshine is also proven to reduce depression and increase productivity. So embrace the beauty around you. Be at peace with nature and yourself!

The Inner Child: We all have the inner child in us so why not tap into the latent kiddy feelings to make you feel good. It could be internet gaming, drawing, painting or taking up sport for fun. Revisiting old ‘feel-good’ hobbies can spark creativity and evoke so much joy. Equally, spending quality time with a young relative can also be a refreshing change.

Get fit: It may be easier said than done, but why not get fit or at least do something sporty to extend the body. It’ll help tone you body, cleanse your soul and recalibrate the brain. Exercising can relieve stress, increase blood flow and help you lose weight. Make it fun during challenging activities, such as rock climbing, biking or jogging. Try fitness classes, such as yoga and zumba, that you can participate in.

Get pampered: Whether it’s a massage, a haircut, a manicure or a facial, treating yourself enables us to boost our self-appreciation. Even a good bottle of wine, a movie and some chocolates once in awhile is self-indulgence, but indulge away as the body likes a bit of sin at the weekend. It’ll also make you see weekends as a great time to look forward to.

Remember: you only have about 50 hours to live for the weekend. So challenge yourself and make them more fun and exciting.

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