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We’re all guilty of letting ourselves go sometimes. We sign up for gym memberships, and then slowly stop going. We promise ourselves we’ll eat healthier, and then we buy a takeaway! It happens to all of us, and that’s fine. Everything in moderation, right? But, what if you want to make a big change? What if you want to get in the best shape of your life? In this post, we’ll show you how to make lots of little changes to your lifestyle. Each idea will help you boost your fitness, body shape, and overall health.

Start with your diet

The one thing that seems to get forgotten is that diet is the key to everything. Exercise alone is not enough to burn through the fat or recondition your body. It all starts from deep within your skin. It’s all about injecting the right vitamins and minerals into your cells. It’s about reducing the fat stores in the first place. The first thing to cut out is sugar. It’s the most unnatural and damaging thing we can put in our bodies. Secondly, try to reduce carbohydrates, so your body will start to burn fat instead of carbs. Lastly, stay hydrated, and eat plenty of fruit and veg.


Next on the list is a strict routine of cardio exercise. It’s the best way to slowly burn through fat stores, and improve your overall fitness and stamina. It will strengthen your muscles, and improve your blood pressure. Your lung capacity will increase too. Take a look at the available trek bikes, and choose one that is comfortable for long distances. The reason we suggest this is that it’s much more enjoyable and effective than using a simple treadmill in the gym.

Yoga and stretching

Yoga is one of the best things you can do to improve flexibility and stretch your muscles. Better yet, it’s an incredibly effective way to improve your core strength. It will help carve out your stomach muscles, and tone your legs. It’s also great for meditation and mind health. Mastering the trickier positions will take time, but you’ll feel your overall health and fitness improve. If you’re looking for a harder workout, try pilates instead.

Anaerobic exercises

The cycling and cardio exercises we mentioned before are an example of aerobic exercises. The other side of the coin is anaerobic exercises. These focus on short, sharp bursts of energy. They help to strengthen your heart, and improve stamina. Circuit and interval training is a great example of anaerobic exercise. It’s all about introducing sprints and sharp bursts into your regular workout. You can also try more adventurous sports like rock climbing to get your dose of anaerobic workout.

Weight training

Last of all, you can start to work a little weight training into your routine. It will help shape and carve those muscles in all the right places. Make sure you start small, and develop the perfect technique before moving onto heavier weights. Otherwise, your workout is inefficient.

You’ll notice that there’s lots of variety in this routine. That should help keep things interesting and exciting. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


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Vinh Van Lam
the authorVinh Van Lam
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