The Three Types of Commitment Goals your need to set for your business.

Today’s post we want to share with you the three types of Commitment Goals that you should consider when you set your goals for your creative business:

  • IN” your business
    • Goals to create your art
  • ON” your business
    • Goals to Promote your art
  • ABOVE” your business
    • Goal to Refresh yourself  & Plan for the future YOU

As artists, you are ahead of the game already, you know what you are passionate about right?

Your art is your passion. As for a designer your passion is about creating designs.

You’re more likely know what kind of art and design you are passionate too.  It doesn’t matter what you are, whether you are a photographer, a dancer, a sculptor, a painter or an artisan. You know your passion.

From our coaching experience these are the questions many creative business owners are  still struggling and facing:

  • How do I translate my passion into profit?
  • What steps am I requiring to do to turn my hobby into an income?
  • How do I create passive/residual incomes from my passion?
  • How do I balance the time for promoting and creating my art?
  • How do I keep going as my business grows without compromise my passion?
  • How do I leverage those traditional goal-setting systems into my passion and still have time to inspire and work on what I love doing?

At ArtSHINE we’ve been working with creative businesses for over 8 years and we have designed The OPIC™ Business System especially for Creative Businesses.

The OPIC™ system was inspired by working with creative clients. We work with artists, designers, graphic artists, craft people, textile designers and illustrator, artisans and even personal trainers to name a few.

We want to create a system that creative people can pick it up and apply it into their creative businesses. A program that can motivate them and to take charge of their Business LifeStyle. OPIC™ Business model is a system that resonates with creative people and it’s specially created with creative passion in mind.

  • A system that helps you to define your strengths and weaknesses.
  • A system where you learn to understand what aspects of the business you need to focus on to be successful.
  • A system that keeps you on track and still has time to create arts and designs.
  • A system where you can execute, review and follow up with your desires and passions.
  • A system that helps you hit your goals every time and be excited and you want to do more.
  • A system that helps you prioritizes and organises your creative business and keep you on track with your Business LifeStyle goals.


Today, We just want to share with you the last quadrant of the OPIC System… “Commitment”.

Without commitment, nothing will happen.

You can write as many goals as you like. You can have all the action plans, and have all the measurable validation points as you like.

But you’ll never succeed in your goals & dreams without commitment.

Commitment is about firming your mind and launching yourself towards your goals with no hesitation or fear.

It’s about deciding that nothing will stop you or hold you back. It’s about deciding that every roadblock or obstacle in your path is merely another step towards your objective. With a commitment from your heart, together with your dedicated action, you’ll find your dreams, your passion, and your purpose.

We have concluded that to succeed in building a creative business, you must set goals in three core areas regularly:


Create, and create constantly. Without creating you’re not living your passion and not producing any income either.

“Create” is a key component of working IN your Art & Design practice.


Just as important is “promote”. Without promoting the Art & Design that you have created no one knows what you do, and no one will buy your creations.

“Promote” is a key component of working ON your Art & Design practice.


The final ingredient is about ensuring that your desires or dreams are not diminished.  Looking at where you want to be in the next 3-5 years times. It’s also about rewarding yourself and taking the time out your need to refresh yourself; like a mini-break or a long holiday.

It’s about getting outside of your comfort zone and taking a breath of fresh air. It’s about learning and getting new inspirations.

In being refreshed we can appreciate our passions and so better create and promote.

“Refresh” is a key component of working ABOVE your Art & Design practice.

So if you want to  build a successful creative business  please consider setting your goals in three main areas regularly:

    • IN your business
  • Goals to create your art
    • ON your business
  • Goals to Promote your art
    • ABOVE your business
  • Goal to Refresh yourself and plan for the future

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We’re here to help you to take action just like we’ve helped thousands of other entrepreneurs, business owners and creative professionals all around the globe.

Now is the time to let your passion SHINE.

Now is the time to Make Tomorrow Today!

To your success,

Vinh Van Lam & Stuart Horrex


Vinh Van Lam
the authorVinh Van Lam
Vinh Van Lam, co-founder of ArtSHINE, is a visionary art coach and entrepreneur with a passion for fostering creativity. With a diverse background in art and business, he brings a unique perspective to empower emerging artists, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic art industry through the innovative platform of ArtSHINE.

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