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Tell us a little about Art Expo and your role?

Art Expo is a celebration of all things art.  An exciting new event set to showcase Australia’s most promising names in art and a new wave of emerging artists under the one roof, together with a host of other visual art activities

Andrew Adams  with Sarrita King and
 Keith Murphy from Dreamtime Elements
What are the five words that people would use to describe Art Expo?

Diverse, Electric, Entertaining, Vibrant and Hands-on    

What was the purpose on starting your Art Expo Event and how has the concept come about?

I worked for a number of years in a commercial gallery and in that role I attended a number of art fairs as an exhibitor.  At each of the events I loved the concept and the camaraderie of the exhibitors and was blown away by the diversity and talent of the artists represented. 

On a number of occasions, whilst working in the gallery, we took clients to artist’s studios and on site to watch artists paint en plein air, and on each occasion it was a revelation to the clients to see the methods and processes involved to create a beautiful work of art.   I believed this concept could be expanded on, so in 2011 I approached Expertise Events about holding an Art Show.  The business MD Gary Fitz-Roy was interested having previously explored the concept.  Sydney Art Show was the result with the first show at Darling Harbour in 2011.  In 2012 we expanded under the banner of Art Expo with shows in Brisbane and Sydney.

Artist-Gabby Malpas

We have not categorised who can be involved and this is amongst the reasons we have been shunned by a number galleries.    Increasingly there are large numbers of independent artists who are unable to gain gallery representation, due to the demise of so many commercial galleries in recent years and there are artists who choose not to exhibit through the gallery scene preferring self marketing and driving sales through art shows and client interest back through their own websites.   Art Expo has morphed into a forum where artists are able to exhibit their artwork in a cost effective way and gain access to a client base they would not otherwise be exposed to.   

In our ideal world galleries will also embrace Art Expo as a concept in marketing and promoting the artists they represent.  When an audience is coming to look at and buy art, why preclude yourself from the possibility of making a sale or meeting new clientele.  A lot of people are intimidated walking into an art gallery for the first time, Art Expo levels the playing field and creates a more relaxed and less intimidating place to meet gallerists and artists alike.

Christelle Hug

How many show do you do in a year?

This year we have run a show in Brisbane and Art Expo Sydney begins on the afternoon of Friday 21st of September and continues over the weekend of September 22 and 23.

We have received very positive feedback from a number of our exhibitors and we are currently working on the schedule for 2013 with shows anticipated in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane Art Expo 2012

What are the most common issues that relate to artists who come to see you?

The majority of our exhibitors are seasoned professionals when it comes to art shows and have a wealth of experience.   Those taking the plunge for the first time generally have questions about marketing themselves and gaining the best advantage from exhibiting.  

Through Expertise Events we are fortunate to have a proactive MD Gary Fitz-Roy with more than thirty years of industry experience.  Gary provides exhibiting tips through a monthly newsletter and also sharing his knowledge in seminars held throughout the year.  These are free for our exhibitors to attend and provide and great ideas and achievable concepts to implement that help make the most out their exhibiting.

Tell us more about your services that you provide to the Art industry?

We provide the most cost effective means of showcasing artworks in front of thousands of art lovers, the opportunity to build a data base of future clientele and creating sales opportunities into the future.  We have teamed up with Graeme Stevens from Colour in Your Life in promoting and highlighting the vast artistic talent we are lucky enough to have in Australia.

Tell us about your process for working with clients / exhibitors?

Firstly finding artists, generally on the web but also through referrals, contacting them and chatting about where they are with their art and wether exhibiting is something they had contemplated.  It is about building relationships and providing a sounding board.    I have been an exhibitor, I have bumped in, stood all day smiling and answering questions, I have talked and talked and talked to show visitors to get a sale and afterwards bumped out again.  I understand what it is like to be an exhibitor and I am trying to make it as simple a process as possible.

What advice can you offer to artists who are looking for art event to exhibit their art?

Call me !!  Exhibiting at an art show creates an opportunity to get their artworks out there in a market place in a cost effective manner.   Having your artworks out in the public domain creates opportunities that you don’t get sitting at home waiting.

Brisbane Expo 2012-Photographic Workshop

Do you have a book that you would like to recommend?

I am a Ken Follett fan with his historical series having just done a Follett-a-thon with , Fall of Giants, The Pillars of the Earth, World without End.  In the realms of art I have re-read Irving Stone’s The Agony and the Ecstasy a few times too.  Maybe I just like fat books…

Where do we find your services? (list office, links websites & contact personnel)

Free Wrapping Service
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