Close Up Interview with Rick Awdas From Ethical InStyle

Tell us about Ethical In Style and your role?

Ethical in Style is the largest directory of ethical fashion companies online.  It features over 1000 companies from around the world and have categorised them based on what they sell and what their ethical standards are.  What I want to create is a place where people can search for the type of clothing they want to buy and find it quickly and easily.  My role is Editor; I search for et
hical fashion, review people’s sites and add them to the directory.  I also write articles to help people understand issues related to ethical fashion and to live a more ethical life.

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?

Ethical, Determined, Focused but Fun,

Tell us about Ethical In Style and what you can do to help fashion designers and other business owners?

We want to promote ethical fashion to as wider market as possible, by making it easier for people to buy ethical fashion I think that more ethical fashion will be sold.  So my site will help fashion designers who focus on the quality and design of their clothing rather than the strength of their marketing.  We promote designers whose brand is based on transparency and true value, substance as well as style.
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What was the purpose on starting Ethical In Style and how the concept come about?

I set up Ethical in Style as a consumer.  I found it difficult to buy ethical fashion, to buy all the products that I wanted from companies that could guarantee ethical standards.  I could buy t-shirts easily but a white shirt for work took hours of research.  So I decided to create a resource to make it easier for people like me to find ethical fashion. The more I started to research what was available, the more exciting companies I found and my site is the result of that research. I hope to have over 2000 companies listed by the end of the year and add at least a thousand more every year.

What are the most common issues that your clientswho come to see you about?

Research shows that people would buy more ethically if they could find it and also if they had more confidence in and understanding of ethical labelling.  So I think that the most common issue of people who use my site is a lack of knowledge of ethical fashion and how they can find it.
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Tell us more about your service to the Fashion and creative businesses?

I just want to promote the great fashion companies out there.  We have a comprehensive directory of ethical fashion.  That is everything from handmade artisan products to Made in Australia.  We also help people find ethical alternatives to the major fashion brands and ethical choices for the latest fashion trends.

Tell us about your process for working with clients?

Fashion companies can have a free listing in our directory, we will review what they sell and categorise them based on their ethical standards.  We also offer companies the chance to pay for an enhanced listing where we will tell their story in greater detail, feature their latest collections and give them the opportunity to share their fashion philosophy with our readers.

What advice can you offer to emerging artists & designers who are just starting out?

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Yves Saint Laurent said that and I think the ambition of all new designers should be to create something that will become a timeless style rather than a fleeting fashion.  Focus on creating on amazing product that can define your label but never let your name be used to sell products that will detract from its value. 

Where do we find your services? 

You can visit us at::
Twitter: @ethicalinstyle
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