WEEK Four: Target Heart Rate "

WEEK Four: Target Heart Rate “


Welcome to the first of ArtSHINE’s Healthy LifeStyle mini blog spots. My name’s Kmaru and I’ll be spending some time with you each week as we get healthier together.

With a healthy lifestyle you can accomplish anything… All it takes is a little guidance and motivation.
“It’s now or never”
Your target Heart Rate:
Isn’t today a wonderful day?

How are you enjoying your new lifestyle?

Feeling fresh every time you wake up in the morning? Full of energy?

Perhaps many of you may have already start working out in a gym or at home… (And for those who don’t have time to invest in a gym membership, please do apply the healthy daily routine that we’ve suggested in previous weeks.)
This week we’re talking about what you can do at home or at the park.

If you’re able to go out for a walk or go for a bike ride, why not add some kind of training too?

Doing this may provide an extra benefit for you…

Walking, cycling, jogging at a slow pace doesn’t help much in burning fat fast. That’s because our body uses glycogen from carbohydrate before it uses fats.

So the best way to tap into our body’s energy stores and burn those fats as energy is by increasing your heart-rate.

Now, before you start you need to know what is your current at rest heart rate is, and you need to know what your maximum heart rate is.

With this information it is easier and safer for you to workout and lose those unwanted fats.

The optimum heart rate zone for burning fat is 60% – 70% of your maximum heart rate.

Exercising in the “fat burning” heart rate zone works because your body draws on fat stores and combines them with oxygen to produce fuel for your muscles.

If your heart rate falls below the optimum heart rate, then your body is not working hard enough for the process to work.

On the other side, if your exercise is too intense, then your body draws on glycogen (carbohydrates) instead of fat. That’s because glycogen is stored in the muscles and is easier for your body to access and burn. That’s why, with some strenuous exercises,  you could lose the benefit of burning fat.

If you’re willing to invest to make things easier for yourself, just purchase the most basic heart rate monitor that records and shows your heart rate.

These devices could come with a strap that you need to strap onto your body. Other styles are more expensive, but more convenient. This watch style monitor for example is very easy to use and very user friendly. I own one of these types myself…

Polar Heart Rate Watch

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the information above you’ve now the information that you need to assess your heart rate in the various zones, and you can now apply them in your training.

By understanding and also applying the target heart into you training it will help you lose weight and body fat faster without stressing your body.
The “burning fat”  zone occurs at 60% – 70% of your maximum heart rate.
The best cardio training that can help you burn fats is the training that you can perform it consistently. Mix up your cardio training with some short sprints so you may elevate the heart rate faster.
Mix up your daily walk or jog with some short runs which will increase your heart rate. This is also known as Interval Training.
With this approach you don’t need to spend to long on those activities, and more importantly, there are more benefits in burning fat fast.
By now you’ll have a clear picture of the types of food consume, and on portion size too.
These eating habits will increase your metabolic rate, increase your energy levels, and help you to avoid binge eating.
• Once you have found your maximum and target heart rate, apply them in your training.
• Adding some sprints to your training routine will add some challenge and be very beneficial in losing fat fast.
• Always keep a positive mind set no matter what the challenges.
• Keeping it fun will keep you interested and motivated.
• Most importantly – Have a active lifestyle.

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