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Elizabeth Cook
Owner of Frolic in Fabric
Tell us a little about your sewing workshop and your role in the business?
In September 2010 the new Frolic in Fabric Studio opened its doors.  The studio was once a dirty old garage, now transformed into a gorgeous quaint sewing studio.  As the space is relatively small the layout design was crucial for the studio to function efficiently. The studio is divided into two rooms.  The first room is the Shop, display gallery and tea room, and the second is the workshop.  My workshop consists of a long table for at least 4 machines, a large cutting table, narrow book shelving for my ever growing fabric STASH (which reaches the ceiling!).  At this stage I am the owner and sole operator of my business. I am currently teaching learn to sew classes for children and adults as well as designing and making a small range of clothing and home wares for a local shop.
 The Frolic in Frabric Studio 
Coffs Harbour
What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe your business? 
Inspiring, Fabulous, Vintage, Creative and Exciting.
What was the purpose on starting sewing classes and how has the concept come about?
It was not until the near completion of the studio that I realised how great the space was and that it certainly had the potential to be used for sewing classes!  I also realised that there is a real demand for teaching not only children but adults how to sew.  I have always enjoyed teaching and I love the challenge and satisfaction that it brings.
Workshop Preparation
Who do you cater for in your workshops?
I cater for any person who would like to learn how to sew.  I run school holiday and after school classes for children from ages 5+. I run midweek classes for preschoolers and for children that are home schooled. I have a Monday night ladies social class as well as a structured 6 week “Introduction to Sewing” Course.  I have also run private classes when requested. 

Kids Sewing Workshop
Tell us how do you run your workshop?
My workshops are small and intimate as class sizes are no more than 6 people.

Some classes run for a term, others for 6 weeks and one off workshops my only be for 3 hours.

What do the attendees learned by attending your workshop?

What is taught in my workshops depends a lot on the age, skill and knowledge of my students.  For the little ones I always start with learning basic hand sewing stitches and skills before teaching them how to use a sewing machine. Sewing needs to be fun and interesting! (Children are generally aged 9+ before I will teach them how to use a sewing machine).  For adults they are taught all the fundamentals of sewing- The machine, stitches, fabrics, how to use a pattern, etc

Kids Sewing in action
What advice can you offer to people who are looking for sewing classes?
Firstly, the person needs to know what they want to get out of the sewing class.  Is it for making clothes for themselves or their children, for making home wares, is it for career purposes or is it for fun or craft purposes?  Once you know this then you it is a matter of finding the right class which will cater for your needs and requirements – a class that will teach you exactly what you want to learn.
Hand Hag Sewing Workshop
Do you have a book that you would like to recommend?
Readers Digest – Complete Guide to Sewing,
Lotta Jansdotter – Open Spaces
Where do we find your services?
on FacebookFrolic in Fabric12 Salamander Street

Coffs Harbour NSW 2450  

P  02 66515936  M  0418500469


Do you have a special offer to the ArtSHINE community?
10% discount off classes and workshops. 
Just mention “ArtSHINE” when booking.



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