Close Up interview with Designer & Crafter Lisa Rosenthal from The Blue Dragon Craft

Blue Dragon Craft cool craft & fresh fashion,
handmade and recycled design

Tell us a little about your business Blue Dragon Craft and your role?

Our motto is cool craft and fresh fashion. Blue Dragon specializes in designing and making fun and functional products from recycled/reclaimed and natural materials. Our designs include gift products, decorative furnishings, fashion accessories and Christmas ornaments

We seek to develop sustainability in the products we make and throughout our business. Our goal is to create great designs while reducing environmental impact. To support this goal Blue Dragon is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council in the USA.

Blue Dragon is a family business. My role is to manage the design process and to handle customer relations. I am from the USA. My husband Binh is Vietnamese and is the director of the company. Binh manages the production side of the business.

Lisa with her Family

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?

Creative, flexible, honest, independent, thoughtful

What was the purpose od starting The Blue Dragon Craft and how has the concept come about?

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What are the most common issues that relate to designer & retail business owner who come to see you?

Our clients are seeking products suitable for their customers. They are looking for a combination of design, price and service that meets their criteria. We need to work with our clients to meet their needs. We also need to recognize that we can’t be all things to all buyers.

Tell us more about your service offering  in your business?

We aim to provide our clients with a range of services from designing custom product to arranging shipments. Clients can request custom design of product, labelling and packaging. We can organize all aspects of an order: design, production, QC, labelling, packing, arranging shipments, preparing export documents. Based on our many years of experience in Vietnam we can also source products from other suppliers or recommend suppliers in other sectors.

Tell us about your process for working with clients?

From our first contact with a potential client we want to find out what their business is and what their market is and at the same time introduce our products to them. It is important to listen to the client and understand what they are looking for. We also want them to understand us and our story. Of course the best way to do that is by meeting face to face. That is not always possible and with some clients we work together via email.  Clear communication is important.

Blue dragon water jug
Blue dragon water jug

What advice can you offer to artists, designers business owner who are just starting out?

I believe that knowledge is a very powerful business tool so I would advise the following:

Research your potential market, Seek advice and mentoring from experienced people in your field. Keep proper accounts and use the data to monitor and plan. Maximise the value of your time and delegate or outsource tasks when possible.

Do you have a book that you would like to recommend?

For work I read Elle Décor from the USA and Marie Claire Maison from France

Blue dragon in Japan
Blue dragon in Japan

Where do we find your services?

Blue Dragon Craft

Telephone:      84.8.3923.6261
Fax:               84.8.3923.6261
Address:        572B/5 Tran Hung Dao St, Ward 2, District 5, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Director:         Mr Binh Hoang, mob tel: 84.91.380.6946
Designer:       Ms Lisa Rosenthal, mob tel: 84.91.390.1710


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