Close Up with Artists & Designer Nick Guy Munro from LIX CLOTHING

Nick Guy Munro

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

Well, I love design. I love music and I love culture. A Love In Xtreme of all mentioned.

I started designing a t-shirt brand back in 2002 called LIX CLOTHING. Everything for the brand was done from scratch. Designs, screen printing, website, marketing and sales representation. I’m now looking to supply the LIX CLOTHING design range to the retail market. That’s it in a nutshell.

Who (or what) inspires you to do what you love in your own creative business?

Interesting people inspire me. So does colour.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you design?

I get inspiration to design ideas from music and culture. Also some of my zany friends aren’t short of a few good ideas. How do I attract these people into my life?

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?

Creative, Hilarious, Genuine, Persistent, Loyal

Tell us about your very first job and what path have you taken since then?

You mean my very, very first job?

My first job was a Woolworth’s trolley guy at the age of 17. This job basically supported my artistic pursuits through high school and University studies. I went from trolley guy to bottle shop guy and not as an overnight success.

After graduating with a BA Design from UWS Nepean in 1998, I worked under contract assisting in the creation of Sites & Scenes CD-ROM digital and print for the NSW Department of Education.

Recently I had worked at CHOICE Magazine for nearly 2 years as a Web/Multimedia designer.

Describe a typical day in your studio space?

A typical day in the LIX Hollywood Mansion would be printing orders on my retro kitchen table. These days it’s basically work organised on a laptop, talking between wholesale clothing suppliers, screen printers and couriers. Sales representation the product to potential retail customers, website design and maintenance. Yes design ideas are always cooking here at LIX.

Working on LIX design

As an Artist & a Designer, what is your biggest frustration?

Coming up with the creative flow with a new season of LIX. I find if I think too much about what will sell and what wont, it kind of makes me claustrophobic and hesitant. Go with the flow is what I know.

Tell us about how you prioritise your studio work.

At the moment the carousel arms aren’t swinging and the squeegee ain’t squeegee-en. I’ve gone into enterprise mode re LIX. Nuts and bolts on how the enterprise is to commercialise itself for retail land. Most of the time I’m on the trusty ole laptop these days juggling the business side of things with the creative design elements. A balance is required.

Tell us about how do you connect with other artists, and your customers (i.e. how do you network)?

Facebook and Twitter. Dig the idea of social networking. I’ve hooked up some of the best people in my life and from my life on these platforms. Twitter I have a lot of fun with.

What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions?

Catch your dreams, no matter how far you have to reach. Your dreams will be a reality. You only live once.

What dreams do you still want to achieve or fulfil in your life?

Nothing to fancy. I dream about a RED Mercedes like this one.

What is your proudest moment so far?

Proudest moment has been placing fate into the idea by way of a business plan to secure LIX CLOTHING’s future.

Lix clothing
Lix clothing
Receiving the opportunity via a NAB Micro Enterprise Loan and NEIS grant through my own merits. Seeing how far the idea of the brand could be pushed and thus far winning. A total facing up to the fears and realising they will be conquered.

Who do you most want to meet and why?

The people I’ve mostly wanted to meet are all past away. Picasso, Brett Whiteley, John Lee Hooker. If it was an alive dude, I’d say Dare Jennings the creator of MAMBO. Love to rack his brain over a double industrial coffee one day.

What is the most important lesson in life that you have learned?

Sitting back and letting things happen is not always the key. Live like crazy in this moment as it might be your last. Most of all Stay on the good foot.

lix clothing  logo

What book are you reading right now, and do you have a book you would like to recommend?

Looking at a record keeping book. Such fun! I recommend the MAMBO Art Irritates Life. The years of a great Aussie brand of Dare Jennings that lived in the 80’s and 90’s.

Where do we find you and your products? (list stores & links, websites )
You will be able to find LIX® CLOTHING in retail stores around NSW this coming Spring and Summer season. Check the website for all current stockists.

Also check lix clothing out:

Social Media:

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