What the tree reveals. A solo exhibition by Michelle Hallinan

What the tree reveals an solo exhibition

Join artist Michelle Hallinan and ArtSHINE to celebrate this solo exhibition opening “What the tree reveals”

The Exhibition runs: From 3 July to 31 July 2024 (open Mon – Fri 10 am – 5 pm)

OPENING CELEBRATION: Wednesday, 3 July at 6 pm.

VENUE: The Darling Square Community Bank

Shop NE12, 11 Little Pier Street, HAYMARKET NSW 2000

About the exhibition

Michelle Hallinan is a nature lover and adventurer who immerses herself in the natural world, exploring its colours, textures, and patterns. She finds being in nature grounding and connecting.

Observing tree trunks at eye level while walking, Michelle is captivated by their colours, textures, and the body-like formations they reveal. Creating her work is a meditative process, allowing her to reconnect with her inspiration and express her experience

About the artist: Michelle Hallinan

I am a nature lover and adventurer, who loves to be immersed in the natural world exploring the colours, textures, and patterns.

I feel connected to the natural environment when I am among the wide-open expanses of land, the coastal textures of rocks and water, or when I am intrigued by the micro or leaves, bark, shells, and internal landscape of fruit.

Printmaking techniques such as etching, being a tactile medium, have enabled me to express my experience of textures and patterns in nature. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with colour through monoprints and mixed media collages. Making my work is a meditative experience in which I reconnect with the source of my inspiration and my own experience.


















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