Achievable New Years Resolutions You Should Consider This Year

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The new year is upon us and this can mean only one thing. It’s the time to start reflecting on the past year and deciding if there are any ways you would like to change your life in the next in a meaningful way.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions and try their hardest to turn these into realities. Everyone knows that it is easy to set a resolution, but it’s not as easy to stick to it. 

There is one thing that will help you to set realistic goals, this way you will be more likely to stick to them. You need to make sure that any goals you set are achievable. If you have bigger goals that you want to work towards, try doing it in stages rather than biting off more than you can chew. 

Let’s have a look at some achievable goals you could set this year: 

Turning Health And Fitness Into A Habit 

This is one that always appears as a New Year’s resolution. It is also the one that most people end up failing with. This is because their goals are often set too high and are unachievable. The key is to make your goal sustainable, enjoyable, and achievable. If you choose exercise you enjoy you are much more likely to continue doing it and make it part of your routine. You should also take small steps to change the way that you eat. Rather than changing every element of your diet, add more vegetables to each meal and start eating various foods. This way it becomes part of everyday life instead of a diet. 

Managing Finances

Another popular resolution is managing money better. Money is a worry for many people so it makes sense that it would be on the list. It may include setting up a realistic budget, paying down debt, asking for help for tax debt, cutting back, and starting to save. Start by looking at your current financial situation and think about where you want to be. Do you want to save for a holiday? Pa meeting with your supervisor or paying extra off your debts? Or maybe get on the property ladder? 

Professional Growth

Are you looking to grow in your career or become more productive? Then you are not alone. A new year allows you to set career goals and start chasing them. Set yourself some smart objectives and think about how you manage your time. Set yourself a time to achieve a few goals by April and see how far you have come. It might be a good idea to arrange to sit down with your manager or supervisor and talk about how you want to progress within the company. It may also be a great time to start putting plans into place to change your career and study. 

Lifelong Learning 

That brings us on to learning something new. Only a few people include this as a resolution as they get confused into thinking that once you have gone through university you no longer need to think about learning something new. However, there are so many benefits to continuing your learning. You can get further in your career, keep your mind active as you age, and find new hobbies you enjoy. From something as simple as learning to knit or gaining a qualification studying at home to make a career move, learning something new should appear in your resolution list. 

Sharpening Your Mind

This is something that is often neglected when it comes to New Year’s. As well as making sure you are continuously learning. You should also make sure you are keeping your brain active and healthy. Think about taking some time to do brain teasers, puzzles, card games, and more. The aim is to build on and improve your memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. These types of things are not only fun they are also great for the health of your brain. Try penciling in some time each week to take part in these mentally stimulating games coupled with reading. You can then take part in hobbies, discussions, and more to improve your mental dexterity even more. 


This time of the year is a big time when people start to declutter their homes and lives. This is for a good reason. When you start to declutter and clear your life of the things that you no longer need you can head into the New Year with a fresh mind and slate. Start by sorting through one room at a time. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last 12 months, donating what you can. If you have things that you want to keep, think about sorting out some decent storage solutions and creating homes for all your belongings. You can maintain a less cluttered and easier-to-tidy home if everything has a home. 

Build On Your Relationships 

Have you gone through the last year feeling like you haven’t given enough time to the people that you love? Then you may want to work on your relationships this year. Improving relationships is often a resolution that appears on people’s lists. You should focus on interactions and spending quality time with loved ones rather than things being forced. Could you set up a Friday night game night? Talk more to your partner? Or maybe arrange to go and see your parents a little more often? 

Learn To Say No 

This is one that many people wouldn’t even think about when creating New Year’s resolutions, however, it should be included. If you find that you are always saying yes to people and it leaves you burnt out or run down, then you need to learn when it’s time to say no. Just because you want people to be happy, it doesn’t mean your health should be damaged to do it. 

These New Year’s resolutions should be ones that you can control and reach as they are all measurable and you can tackle them step by step. Do you have any other resolutions you are making this year? Please share a few in the comments.

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