Property Buying Steps You Won’t Want to Miss

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The process of buying a house can be long and complicated. There’s good reason for this, as you want to get it all right. But it obviously has the potential to be pretty stressful when it seems like things are dragging on. The best thing you can do is get to know the process so that you know what steps you need to take to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Using the right services can help make things go faster so you can be in possession of your new property sooner. There are some steps in the process that you definitely won’t want to miss out.

Getting Your Mortgage Documents Witnessed

Finding the right mortgage and lender is a process in itself. You want to ensure you make the right choice so you get a mortgage you can afford. But once you’ve found one that’s right for you, you’ll also need to complete the application and secure the mortgage. One thing you will need to do is get your mortgage documents witnessed. This can be done by a notary public or a solicitor, among others. Your conveyancer might organise this for you or you can find someone to do it yourself.

Inspecting the Property

You always want to know that you’re getting what you expect when you buy something. And that’s never more true than when you purchase a property. You’re spending a lot of money, so you definitely don’t want to be disappointed. Arranging inspections of the property you want to buy is a must. You want to know that it’s in good condition and that it’s free of pests too. Not all issues with a property are immediately visible when you look at it, so it’s always best to have a thorough inspection conducted if you want the full picture.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Checking the Contract of Sale

The contract of sale is essential to take a good look through once you’ve found a property you like. When you request a copy of the contract of sale, it’s a good idea to have a conveyancing service go through it for you. While you can do your conveyancing yourself, it’s best to have an expert take care of all of the legal stuff for you. The contract should have a copy of the property title, as well as information such as general terms and conditions, planning certificates, a sewerage diagram, and more.

Paying Stamp Duty

If stamp duty is due on the property, you definitely need to make sure you know how much it is and pay it on time. There are some exemptions for stamp duty that could apply to you, so it’s always smart to check. Your conveyancing solicitors can help you with this so you know you’re paying what you’re required to but avoiding anything you don’t have to pay. Make sure you know the deadline for payment so you don’t miss it.

There are numerous steps involved in buying a property, but pay particular attention to the above if you want to get it right.

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