Global Tales & Festivities”: A Journey into Worldwide Traditions

Embark on an enchanting exploration with our blog series, “Global Tales & Festivities.” This captivating collection of posts is born from my insatiable curiosity about stories that span the globe — myths, fairy tales, folklore, customs, and traditions. My fascination with these narratives began in childhood, as I sat enthralled by my parents’ sharing fables that ignited my imagination.

The desire to delve deeper into these tales led me to create the two-volume blog series, “Tales My Mother Told Me…” Inspired by my parents’ storytelling, I’ve continued to uncover stories that pique my interest. But my curiosity doesn’t stop at the surface; I’m driven to uncover the “whys,” the significance, and the symbolism within each story.

Take, for instance, the Halloween festival: Have you ever wondered about its origins and how it has evolved over time? Or consider the tradition of Mistletoe during Christmas — why this plant and the practice of exchanging kisses beneath it? These are the questions that occupy my mind, propelling me to delve into the depths of history and culture to unravel the rich tapestry of human tradition.

Join me on a voyage of discovery as we unravel the threads of global narratives, seeking not just the stories themselves, but also the hidden meanings they carry. Through “Global Tales & Festivities,” we’ll venture into the heart of diverse cultures, unveiling the magic that binds us all.

Stay tuned for captivating insights and thought-provoking discoveries,

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