Mastering the Art of Social Media: What to Post and What to Avoid

In today’s digital age, social media has become an invaluable tool for artists seeking to cultivate a strong community of followers. However, maintaining an active and engaging presence on various social media platforms can be overwhelming, especially when faced with the question of what to post and what to avoid. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other social network, the following tips will help you navigate the intricate landscape of social media posting.

What to Post:

  1. Artwork: Share your finished pieces, works in progress, and sketches. People follow you because they want to see your art. Offer them a behind-the-scenes glimpse that goes beyond what they can find on your website or portfolio. You can even capture some pictures of your workspace, giving your audience a glimpse into your creative process.
  2. Project Updates: Keep your followers informed about any new series or collections you’re working on. Artists need to self-promote to some extent, and if people are interested in your work, they will likely be intrigued by your other projects as well.
  3. Sources of Inspiration: Take some time to give a shout-out to fellow artists who inspire you. This not only builds a sense of community but also serves as a valuable networking tool. However, be sure to seek permission before sharing their artwork. Most artists will be flattered by your recognition and may even reciprocate the gesture.
  4. Harnessing the Power of Quotes: Quotes have a remarkable ability to encapsulate profound wisdom in a concise and impactful manner. By curating and sharing quotes that resonate with your artistic community, you create a reservoir of encouragement, guidance, and positivity. These powerful snippets of wisdom can serve as beacons of light during challenging times, reminding us of our inherent potential and reigniting our passion for creativity.
  5. Upcoming Events: Inform your audience about any gallery shows or craft fairs you will be participating in. Let them know that you hope to see them there, creating an opportunity for personal connection and support.
  6. Accomplishments: Don’t hesitate to share your achievements and milestones. If your work has been featured in magazines or you have accomplished something noteworthy, celebrate it. Your followers will appreciate witnessing your success.
  7. Anything Noteworthy: If you’re supporting a cause, donating a percentage of your proceeds to a local animal shelter, or transitioning to organic fair-trade materials, make sure to share it. Such information not only helps build a positive brand image but may also attract more potential buyers.
  8. Engage with Your Followers: Open up the doors to your artistic expertise and invite your followers to ask you anything about art or design. This is your opportunity to establish yourself as a leading figure in your creative field and connect with a community of passionate individuals.
  9. Running art or design challenge: “Engage, Inspire, and Thrive.” Organize captivating art or design challenges to foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow artists, encouraging one another to reach new heights and expand their body of work. These interactive posts not only bring excitement and fun, but also enhance engagement and connection with your followers, cultivating a vibrant tribe around your artistic practice. By embracing this approach, you can attract and nurture a growing community of followers who share your passion and vision, amplifying the impact of your creative journey.
  10. Art and Design business tips: Share your experiences as a leader in your creative field by providing valuable tips and solutions to overcome challenges. Inspire your followers by sharing what motivates and influences you, fostering growth and self-reflection among artists and designers who often work in solitude. These business tips offer a fresh perspective, helping individuals embrace their creativity and embark on a path of personal and professional growth.

What Not to Post:

  1. Irrelevant Content: Save personal and unrelated posts for your personal account. If people are following you for your artwork, bombarding them with unrelated content will likely lead to disinterest and unfollows.
  2. Repetitive Content: While sharing different views and angles of a project can be interesting, avoid posting numerous pictures of the same project in its identical stage of development. Variation is key to maintaining your audience’s engagement.
  3. Complaints: Social media is not the platform to vent your frustrations and grievances. Followers typically seek a positive and uplifting experience, so focus on providing them with that. Constant complaining can repel your audience and damage your online reputation.
  4. Gossip: Engaging in negative discussions or speaking ill of other artists is not only rude but can also have severe consequences. Negative comments can strain relationships with fellow artists, their fans, and anyone who perceives you as unprofessional. It’s best to maintain a courteous and professional demeanor and address any issues privately.
  5. Copyrighted Pictures: Unless you have explicit permission to share them, refrain from posting pictures that are not yours. Respecting copyright laws is essential to maintain your integrity as an artist.
  6. Controversial Topics: Unless your fans are drawn to your controversial persona, avoid discussing divisive subjects such as politics or religion, especially if they are unrelated to your artwork. These topics can polarize your audience and result in the loss of followers. It’s generally advisable to keep personal opinions on such matters to yourself.

Before posting anything on your social media channels, consider why people follow you in the first place.

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