How to Sell Your Artwork Online

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There’s never been a better time to be an artist. Using online platforms, you can get your artwork in front of the right people and create an income from it as well. Social media and content marketing are perfect for promoting an artist’s profile as well as an online business.   

Through a Website 

One of the most popular ways to sell artwork online is through a dedicated website. Most online artist work with social media platforms, and not all of them have a dedicated website, but it helps to have a brand hub where you can talk more about your products, style, and projects. 

The great thing about having a website as a hub is that you can create content to attract online visitors and use a combination of organic reach and paid to advertise – this is not possible if you only have social media. Find out more about PPC Management and how it can support you.   

On a Selling Platform 

The internet has opened up a number of doors for artists to explore and sell their worth through. Patreon is one example, and Etsy and eBay are some others. On Patreon, an artist can create a following and find funds for their projects; Etsy and eBay are direct selling platforms that work. 

It’s easy to create a store on Etsy and sell your products directly to your customers; you can even create a link to this shop from your social media account or your website. Try to create an online ecosystem for your artwork and artist profile that will help to develop a brand identity. 

Using Social Media 

Social media channels are an excellent advertising platform for businesses of all kinds, especially for artists. All you need to do to get the work out about your project or your latest work is to post a few images on your social channels or take advantage of the social ads. 

Social media allows you to connect with like-minded people from around the world; the adverts work in much the same way as the PPC ads and are quite effective; like the search engines, you can optimise these ads for a particular demographic to improve the chances of conversions.  

Multiple Income Streams 

Becoming a successful artist isn’t easy or straightforward, but it is more realistic in today’s world. Still, you need to hedge your bets somewhat to get the best results; one of the best ways to do this is to create multiple income streams to support your journey as an artist in the short term. 

Make sure you have enough to cover your rent and basic food costs using a bread-and-butter job like freelance writing, working in a cafe or restaurant, or working in an office. When your artist’s income stream becomes substantial enough, you can start to focus on what you love.   

Create a Brand

Don’t forget to create a brand for your online artist’s profile. Even if you are working solo and only selling the occasional piece, making a brand image for yourself helps your buyers to recognise the style and quality. Find out more about how to build an artist’s brand for yourself.  

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