How To Prevent Your Marketing Creativity From Becoming One-Note

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If there’s one thing that all of us have been exposed to from a very young age, it’s marketing. From television toy adverts that caused us to beg our parents for that brand new festive gift, to fast food advertisements on billboards that make us feel hungry just before lunch, there’s a reason that billions of dollars are spent on marketing each year, and it’s not so it can avoid your gaze unimpeded.

For this reason, most of us have become quite adept at ‘tuning out’ any form of marketing we come across unless it interests us. This is why advertising agencies use many different tricks such as jingles, humour, and sometimes very well-produced video graphics campaigns to help us remember exactly what kind of service or product we didn’t know we needed.

As a creative professional or manager looking to curate our own marketing, however, it can be hard to really focus on a worthwhile approach when we’ve thought about marketing from the perspective of ignoring it as much as possible, as opposed to inspecting its hidden elements of style and value. With this guide, and no small amount of help from Posterboy Media, you’re sure to look to the future with an excellent innovative marketing potential:

Constantly Switch Up Who You Market To

Age is one of the only identity markers that advertising agencies use as a category right now, because it’s (thankfully) more understood that it doesn’t matter what sexuality, colour, gender or even personality type you are, a product may be just as appropriate for you as it is for other people. For this reason, adding diversity not only to who you choose to appeal to but in how your message is delivered can be a great means of casting a wide net. This may be as simple as being inclusive in your language or showcasing representation in your crafted visual marketing.

Update Your Marketing For The Season

It can be a great deal of fun to add a seasonal twist to your marketing, be that the festive celebrations at the end of each year, a religious holiday that may be important to your brand, or perhaps more cultural holidays like Halloween. Shrouding your business in that kind of celebration and visual formatting, even if that means opting for a temporary two-week spooky marketing approach by changing your logo and some of your website colours, can make a huge difference here.

Play Around With Form

Have you ever seen a movie directed by a filmmaker who plays around with form constantly? Baz Luhrmann might be a good example of this. When formats change and expectations are upended, engagement is guaranteed. It can be helpful, then, to play around with marketing form, be that finally producing videos for your online marketing package, sponsoring local sports teams, or even running demonstrations at local business conventions facing the public. A wide approach like this is not only a good way to diversify your marketing content and potential reach – it’s a huge amount of fun to generate.

With this advice, you’re certain to prevent your marketing creativity from becoming one-note, or something easy to tune out.

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