How To Keep Your Employees: Why Retention Matters And What You Can Do About It

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Keeping your employees happy and working hard is no small feat. However, with stiff competition and a lot on the line, it can be challenging to get and retain fully invested employees in their work and the company. This blog post will explain what employee retention is, why it’s so important, and what you can do to want to improve yours. 

What Is Employee Retention?

Employee retention refers to the rate at which employees stay with a company over time. There are different ways to measure retention, but average employee tenure is the most common. This is the amount of time employees have been working for a company. Retention isn’t just about staying in one job for a long time—it’s also about quitting rates. You can think of retention rates as a combination of how many people remain with the company for a long time and how many people leave before their tenure is up. 

Why Is Employee Retention Important?

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is finding and keeping good employees. This can be incredibly challenging when you don’t have a lot of room in your budget for high salaries. It’s crucial to find employees who are a good fit for the company and someone who will stay for the long term. 

Employee retention is a key metric to monitor because it’s a leading indicator of future revenue. If you have high turnover, you may have difficulty replacing employees, which will result in decreased productivity, increased hiring costs, and increased customer service issues. 

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Strategies For Improving Employee Retention

Improve The Workplace Environment 

One important strategy for improving employee retention is to work to create a positive work environment. One way to do that is to think about the physical space your employees work in—is it comfortable, inspiring, and functional? How about the general work environment? Are employees collaborating with one another, or are they mostly staying in their own heads? 

Improve Benefits And Compensation 

Rewarding your employees is integral to keeping them on board. For example, do you have medical, dental, and vision insurance benefits? Is there a retirement savings plan in place? Are you paying your employees enough? All of these things can have an impact on employee retention. 

Offer Employee Development Opportunities 

Another way to improve employee retention is to offer opportunities for employees to learn and grow. This might look different at different companies, but it could include training programs, coaching programs, mentorship opportunities, developmental tracking systems, etc.

Show That You Care About Their Well-Being 

Employees will be more likely to stay with their company if they feel like their employer is looking out for their well-being—not just their productivity or the company’s bottom line. So, make sure you’re offering good benefits and salary. You can also show that you care about your employees’ well-being by creating a positive environment where people feel comfortable taking breaks, scheduling sufficient time for lunch, and focusing on work-life balance. And even health benefits like workplace flu vaccinations

Respect And Empower Your Employees 

Your employees are your best asset, and you want them to feel like they can make a difference in the company. That’s why you should respect and empower your employees by providing them with opportunities to grow and take on new challenges. You can also empower your employees by offering a transparent management style and listening to their ideas.

Show Employees They Matter To The Company

One crucial way to show employees that they matter to the company is to offer a clear path to advancement. Workers who feel like they have a real shot at moving up in their careers are more likely to stay with the company. You can offer advancement opportunities in several ways. For example, you can track employees’ career goals and suggest training programs to help them achieve them. Or offer promotions and provide opportunities for employees to switch departments. 


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