The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Women in Their 40s

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You may be one of the women who have always dreamt of having flawless skin, hair, and body forever. However, very few achieve that, while some struggle with issues like excess weight, wrinkles, acne, dull hair, oily scalp, or dandruff. And this is completely normal as there is nothing as ‘perfect.’

You can only see perfection on magazine covers which are again the magic of photoshop. You may not have that perfect skin, but you can work on making it better even in your 40s. Here’s how to do that.

A Dedicated Skincare Regimen

This is something that you may have been following since the 20s. However, there is a subtle difference between what you used then and will now. This is a tried and tested procedure that mainly includes a thorough skincare routine. You cannot forego these. What you did twenty years back will not work any longer unless you change according to the times.

You do not need to slather the products all the time. Missing out sometimes is allowed. However, maintaining a routine can help you get better than others around you. Additionally, you should also use sunscreen at all times. Whether you are outside or inside, UVA and UBB rays can enter the skin from all directions. This is essential skincare, which every woman should follow.

A Haircare Regimen

Your skin does not exist in isolation. To be called beautiful, you need that mop of hair on your head. Moreover, it should frame your structure well. Some women suffer from excess hair loss around this time, as they might be nearing menopause. Furthermore, you will come across women who have dandruff. Oily scalp is also another common problem. If you are one of them, you should read this. Cleaning your scalp is very important, along with the tresses. Use products meant for your scalp type and hair type.

You should also use products meant for oily or dry dandruff, as the case may be. At-home care is critical, just like you brush and floss your teeth daily. Give your hair the hydration it needs, not on the keratin part, but in roots. That is where they can absorb the food. Always ensure to shampoo hair and apply a suitable conditioner. This forms a basic hair care regimen.

Consult a Professional

Now, it’s time to go head to the next level. You can visit the aesthetician or a dermatologist around your 40s. The reason is loud and clear. You may already have done some damage due to negligence early on. So, only a trained professional can reverse it and give you a maintenance routine. An inexpensive way to provide yourself with a new look is through a non-surgical facelift.

Your facial muscles lose elasticity and collagen with age. Moreover, the gravitational pull cannot be ignored, as well. You will get micro-currents passing through your skin, which will re-energize the muscles. Moreover, you will get an instant revival. Most women are getting this done today. Your dermatologist will perform this as a daycare or lunch-time procedure, so you need not worry about downtime.

Try OTC Products

You can now give Vitamin E a miss when applying it on the face, but do continue the healthy diet of nuts and seeds. There are many over-the-counter products available now. Glycolic acid peels and salicylic acid peels work wonders if you have acne or very oily skin. If you have sensitive skin and the above problems, you can do with lactic acid peels. These also remove the scars and pigmentation to a huge extent. However, you have to ensure that you buy the lowest concentrations. Professionals best handle high concentrations of the above acids.

If you have wrinkles, then Retinol peels and Hyaluronic acid peels work wonders. Get fresh and younger-looking, glowing skin in some time. These are some products that are in the news today. They have taken exfoliation to the next level. However, you have to wear sunscreen after you have undergone such treatments. Many creams, gels, and lotions also have these formulations. You can use them as well.

Be Active

In your 40s, ailments like arthritis and other bone-related disorders set. Thus, you must exercise daily. The more your exercise, the more natural oils your skin secretes along with sweat. So, you gain two for one. Get a well-toned body with regular exercises, and have healthy and glowing skin. A balanced diet comprising all macronutrients and micronutrients will also see you thriving.

These are a few ways to keep yourself looking young in your 40s. Let people guess your age, and not the other way round.

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