Self-Talk Over Selfies: 3 Reasons Why Reconnecting With Yourself Leads to Positivity

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As the pandemic continues, burnout continues to be a common factor among those working from home. People tend to snack more, possibly an indicator of the stress and anxiety brought about by the uncertainty of the current global situation of concern. Drinks that control cravings, such as Fit ‘n Right CTRL, are becoming an ideal option for those who want to mitigate the weight gain while they self-isolate. More than ever, optimism is an important aspect of human resiliency against a hazy future.

In the period of lockdowns, isolation, and physical distancing, staying connected may seem to be just as important. However, constant news updates on the ongoing COVID-19 situation are likely to harm your thoughts. The constant pessimism and the ongoing spread and mutations of the virus can make the upcoming months seem bleak. Another disadvantage of maintaining an online presence during the pandemic is the comparison of an at-home experience versus a social life outdoors. It can lead to the phenomenon, FOMO, which stands for “fear of missing out”.

Rather than focusing on other people’s lives, it would be better to take some time off and detach from social media or news outlets. You have to put yourself first by concentrating on your mental health to develop a positive mindset. Self-talk is a method used by athletes to overcome their doubts and worries before a game or a performance. This can be an effective way to create a more optimistic outlook on life.

1. Self-Awareness Leads To Growth

Talking to yourself is not a sign of madness. Instead, it can be a symptom of self-awareness. Acknowledging that you need to work on your attitude and habits is a crucial first step in developing a healthy positive mindset because it results in emotional maturity. People who have unresolved issues in the past and attempt to work toward optimism can come across as individuals who possess toxic positivity.

An example of this trait is present in the titular character of the showTed Lasso. The series revolves around an American football coach who is hired by an English football team. He overcomes a divorce- and being mocked by an English crowd for his mismatched credentials as a coach of their beloved football team- by having a positive mindset.

Unfortunately, his repressed childhood memories of his father’s death and the emotional consequences of his divorce could no longer be resolved by a witty, optimistic remark as anxiety and panic attacks start to overcome him. He needed therapy to overcome his past trauma so that he could develop a healthy positive mindset.

Being self-aware will provide you with insights into yourself, and it can help you deal with stressors or triggers that can negatively affect you. Self-talk can be a great exercise of your agency for change, as well as your ability to effectively communicate with yourself on personal issues.

2. Perspective Affects Emotional Resilience

When you go to work, you might hear some people saying “Happy Monday!”. This can be a result of feeling the Monday blues and dread toward the looming tasks you have to accomplish. By adding a word with a positive connotation before a day of the week that is synonymous with work, you can start changing the attitude from that of disappointment to optimistic anticipation.

Your perspective can greatly impact your emotional resilience when faced with obstacles in life that you have to overcome. For instance, it can be demoralizing to apply for jobs and attend their interviews over and over again only to not receive an offer at the end of the day. In contrast, if you look at it from a learning standpoint, you will be less discouraged in the next interview because you would perceive it as gaining experience.

3. Positive Affirmations From Yourself

It is usually true when people say that their harshest critic is themselves. Positive affirmations can be more valuable and effective when you express them to yourself, rather than listening to someone else tell them to you on a video or audio clip. It is also a good way to develop self-worth because you would be creating a persona that embraces yourself in a healthy, positive manner.

Self-talk is important for anyone who wants to develop a positive mindset. Today, more individuals struggle with their self-image and self-worth when they compare themselves to others based on what they see on social media. Recent news can also depict a gloom and doom scenario. Through developing self-awareness, a positive perspective, and the habit of

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