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It is often the case that creatives focus on creating and bringing their ideas to life, that they lack a little bit of marketing know-how. That’s not to say they can’t handle it or do it! But it can be difficult to advertise your art. 

So here are some tips that can help you maximise your exposure. 

Online portfolio

One of the most important things you can do is to build an online portfolio with your work. You might need to get professional photos done first to ensure your work is captured in all its glory.

A portfolio online gives people somewhere to go after you have sparked their interest somewhere else online. Make sure that it is easy to navigate and clearly has your contact details. 

When you are putting together your portfolio, it is a good idea to highlight your best work. Try to keep it cohesive and uncluttered. 

Remember that your portfolio might be the first time people see your work – make it something worth remembering. 

Email list

Your email list is the quickest way to get already interested parties to see more of your work. If you aren’t confident with email marketing, you can have that done for you, but for a company that offers a range of email services, check this website for some options. 

Your email list can be one of the most powerful sales tools you have – so long as you use it correctly. 


What better way to give potential buyers insight into your artwork than by giving them something to read? You can talk about your creative process, where you get your inspiration from, and even the works of others that you enjoy. 

What is important is that you take some time to make sure that the blog posts you do write all meet some of the SEO guidelines. 

Your posts will naturally lean into your niche because of how they are written, but you can further improve by performing some light keyword research. Putting keywords in your blog posts will increase your organic traffic – and organic traffic usually increases sales. 

Enter competitions

Art competitions are often a great way to gain more notoriety in your field. They are typically highly advertised to the right people over social media and may even have great sponsors. 

Entering art competitions might cost time and money, but the right competitions have invested resources in marketing – and you can capitalise on it. 

Art Community

An online art community will help you create a strong network and get access to the knowledge of others. Where do they post their work? Which marketing have they found the most fruitful in terms of ROI? 

You might also be able to find some openings in local art shows and galleries! 

When it comes to marketing your art, you don’t have to do anything that goes against your principles, and you don’t have to be too ‘salesy’ either. You can tread a fine line of creativity and marketing that works for your brand. 

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