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Businesses always study and weigh the options before them and choose the best that works for their short term and long term gains. This is the same with business promotions. Corporates and brand owners weigh the options between giving promotional products as corporate gifts and traditional advertising to see which works best to create lasting impressions, business relationships, sales prospects and long term value. Branding is not just an act of showing off or an act of announcement. The process of branding has to create multiple things such as creating the desired brand image, reinforcing the brand image, inspiring customers to buy their products and services, letting them purchase their products, believe in your brand, let them endorse and recommend your brand, try new products and the list goes so long.

Let us see how promotional products vary with traditional advertising forms and understand how these promotional products can be best used to fit into your branding strategy for short term and long term gains.

Promotional Products Build Relationships

Promotional products are giveaways and when you gift each time it creates an instant joy in your customers and your brand really connects with them who might be for a short time or long term. But, upon repeated gifting, strengthens your relationship with your customers. For the best and cost-effective gifts, check out Simply Merchandise, and their promotional pens.

Promotional Products Create Lasting Impressions

Promotional products as they are given as gifts are personal in nature and hence create an impression about you and your brand every time you give them to your customers. These impressions will create loyalty and that will turn into future sales. Buy promotional drink bottles, Australia and create lasting impressions.

Promotional Products Cheer Up & Stir Up to Buy Again

Promotional products unlike advertising create a feeling of reciprocity alongside creating a positive impact on your business. Traditional Advertisement just announces your arrival, existence or a new scheme but it doesn’t talk directly and personally to your customers and convince them to buy from you as do the gifts. Corporate gifts create a sense of reciprocity that eventually lets them come back to you to do more business with you.


Traditional forms of advertising do not inspire customers. But promotional products as gifts talk, inspire and build relationships with your customers. This makes a difference in creating sales. Traditional forms of advertising talk to people who do not have a relationship with you whereas gifts are mostly given to people who are known to you and hence create a future prospect in them for your business. Create lasting impressions with your customers with a branding strategy with corporate gifting as a leading tool for sales generation and referral marketing. Simply Merchandise, promotional pens as discussed can create great reviews for your business which are invaluable in this online marketing era which goes a long way in creating a good online reputation for your brand which transcends boundaries and time periods.


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