7 Basic Tips On How To Monetize Your Creativity

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As a writer and artist, you’ve probably often wondered: How can I turn what I love to do into something that pays my bills? Being creative is one of the most soul-satisfying experiences we can have — but how do we convert that passion into income so we can afford food and shelter?

This dilemma is especially true for artists, writers, photographers and musicians. When someone signs on with a major label or publishing house, they are paid an advance (or several) which recoups some of the money they will make on royalties down the road. 

This model doesn’t work for independent artists and writers who aren’t signed with a major label or publishing house unless they have a substantial income from another source. It’s hard to stand out in this ultra-competitive field of creative types.

So how does one become a professional artist or writer? In this article, we will explore some of the often forgotten basic ways.

7 Tips On How To Monetize Your Creativity:

1) Create Many Products

It’s better to launch multiple products than just one. You may not predict what will sell and what won’t, so it’s safer to have a few different things in the market. A digital marketing agency can help you spread the word.

2) Use Creative Commons Licences

Creative Commons Licences allow you to set conditions for the use of your work, such as non-commercial use. This means you can upload your work for free, create a product to sell it again, and Creative Commons Licences makes sure people who find or buy it understand their terms of use.

3) Teach Others To Create

Teach others how to create things that are similar to what you do. If someone learns from you, they may become your customer or someone who recommends you to their network.

4) Ask For Donations But Be Transparent About The Costs

Put a “Donate” button on your website, and be transparent about how the money would be used. If you’re struggling to create something, for example, if it’s a work-in-progress or you’ve put it on hold, ask for donations to continue working.

5) Be Persistent But Keep Creating

Keep creating and avoid getting stuck in the common pitfalls. If you’ve had success with one thing, don’t stop there. Continue focusing on your passion and creativity so that you’re constantly improving.

6) Sell Products At Live Events

This is a great way to meet new people and sell your products directly to them! You may also be able to collect email addresses from people who would have otherwise not heard about your work.

7) Engage With Your Fans And Market Accordingly

Engage with your fans and network to find out what they want. If specific product ideas don’t sell, then you’ll know not to invest time in them. But if a picture is doing well, get even more of it! You can also be proactive and market your new products yourself so that people know about them before they become popular.

Just Imagine

Getting creative with making money is arguably the essential step in finding a sustainable means of income from your creativity. The challenging part is finding the right combination of skills and connections that will allow you to capitalize on your creativity. Let your imagination go and stick to the basics!


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